Thursday, May 6, 2010

March of the Penguin (May of the Penguin?)

I might be quiet around here for a few days.... still in that post-marathon recovery where I'd really like to sleep all the time instead of, you know, work.  Then again, that's really not all that different from any other time.  Hmmm.

Seriously though, couple of things going on.  My hip and low back are debating whether or not to abscond completely.  It's not bad enough yet for John Wayne, but in the interim I do a fabulous impression of an Emperor Penguin.  To the point that I fully expect Morgan Freeman to start narrating my walks down the hallway.  Even my friend's husband noticed last night; his exact words were, "You're kind of waddling."

The other thing is that my quest to live a little less of the pharmaceutical life is off to an auspicious start as my doctor put me on a third (gack!) blood pressure med.  I reminded her my goal was to get off the damn things altogether, but she reminded me that being in good enough shape to complete a marathon without physical injury yet still having high blood pressure readings was not a good thing.  (I think I was about 126/89 for those who must know -- it's that second number that really needs to get down.)  The pharmacist warned me that most people feel sleepy for the first few days as they adjust to this particular kind of BP med, and he was right.  I'm ready to take a header into my keyboard. 

I did read through the prescription info/warning stuff like a good weeble, and learned that this one "may increase your ability to exercise."  So that's good.  The dizziness/lightheadedness, not so good but I can handle that.  My favorite side effect of this -- the medication to lower your blood pressure -- is low blood pressure.  Say it isn't so!  Yeah, yeah, I know what they mean.  I had an interesting episode of low blood pressure when I was forced to go to the ER last year for possible appendicitis.  I say forced because I knew it was related to somewhat mundane female stuff and my doctor's nurse gave me the option of going to the ER on my own to get checked out or she would send an ambulance for me.  She probably would have called my mother too.  Nice that people are so concerned, I guess, but this was first thing in the morning and after a few hours of not being allowed to eat or drink anything I got dehydrated and lightheaded and then my blood pressure tanked as they were trying to discharge me.  Then I got to spend another several hours in the ER being pumped full of fluids and eating vending machine sandwiches as they waited for my blood pressure to come back up.  I did learn that if you tap your finger just right with one of those pulse monitors on it that you can make cool patterns print out on the machines.  Good times.

I'm still plotting through my next fitness adventure.  I think I've got a plan in place but I haven't worked out (well, even thought about) the food part of all so once I get something more comprehensive going on I'll talk about it here, get some input and pointers.  I did get signed up for my next race, a 5K on May 15 that is one of my running league races.  It's called The Friar Trot; rumor has it there are actual friars involved.  I love my life.

It's almost time to blow this popsicle stand.  Tomorrow is Friday!  Yay!  I promised my dog a whole day of snuggling this weekend.  Everyone knows you can't let a setter down.

the CilleyGirl

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