Thursday, May 13, 2010

Motivation? I got your motivation right here!

Yesterday I was really really bored busy at work and needed to goof off for a long while a quick break.  After racking my brain for all of half a second, I went to StumbleUpon to see what they would offer me.  Rather quickly the parade of pages came to this:

These are comparative body scans of a woman at 250 lbs and a woman at 120 lbs.  I didn't note where the picture was; the only thing on the page besides the picture and a sentence to the effect of "these are the comparative..." were a bunch of mean, horrid, obnoxious comments.  Along the lines of "some people are disgusting pigs that shouldn't be allowed to live" and "disgusting poop in the fat one's colon, we should kill fat people."  Since I couldn't hunt down all of those idiots (and eat them), I choose to now ignore their existence completely. 

But the picture is worth posting.  It sure had an impact on me.  Even the brains look different.  That could have another source, I know, but still.  It's also going on my fridge in glorious living color.  To help me be strong against things like chinese food.

Guess what I had for my last hurrah dinner last night.  Did you say chinese food?  Good guess! 

I wanted to address a recent comment, to explain my four month plan thinking a little more.  I'm not saying goodbye to never eating anything but rabbit food for the next four months.  I'm doing it as a way not to eat it by myself for the next four months.  For starters, I like maybe five vegetables so I would suffer from malnutrition pretty quickly if I did that.  But more importantly, some foods are to me like alcohol is to alcoholics.  I can't be trusted to order a nice, sensible meal when I'm by myself.  Look at my regular Arby's order:  two sandwiches, a large fry, usually a large chocolate milkshake AND mozzarella sticks, most of that smothered in Arby's sauce.  Doesn't matter what I swear I will order, this is what I end up doing.  Same with sushi.  My two friends and I go out for sushi and it's maybe $40 for the three of us.  I go to the same restaurant for takeout and spend $25 just for me.   The difference?  I'm embarrassed to eat like that in front of my friends.  It was also embarrassing when the sushi guys started putting only one set of chopsticks in the takeout bag.  Yet that wasn't enough to stop me.  I'm like the sushi godzilla. 

So my plan is not to limit what I can have (beyond not going on the "all chocolate, all the time" diet) per se, but to give up certain bad-for-me habits and to implement certain new ones with the idea that it will only be for four months.  Now, it won't be for only four months -- but shhhhh don't tell my brain that.  That's just going to be the trick I use to get myself through the month.  Or week.  Or day.  Or hour.  Or minute.  And if I slip up?  I'll start back up again with my healthy eating and living in the very next second. 

Part of this will also be breaking things down even further.  As I said before, I'm not quite ready to squarely face the fact that this will be changes I am making for the rest of my life.  That seems like much too long.  Four months is better.  Some times it will simply be "See if you still want it in an hour."  Or in the next five minutes.  I think the underlying theme of any weight loss success is to take it one ______ at a time, whether that is counted in seconds or days or whatever.

The body scan picture did kind of take the fun out of my last hurrahs.  Also, I got my new Garmin 305 last night.  Yay!!!  As I was waiting for it to get its first charge, I read the little manual.  Ha!  This thing can do so much, I was starting to think it might do the dishes or maybe my taxes.  Alas, no.  At least on the dishes.  I'll have to wait until next year to see about the taxes.  I plan to take it for a test run (ba dump bump) on Saturday's Friar Trot 5K.   Today I feel infinitely better physically than I have since my marathon.  Yesterday I could barely get out of my office chair, my back was so sore.  Today, while I'm not yet springing cartwheels (I'd probably kick something and break my ankle snerk), I can stand up without having to use my arms on my desk (good thing it's a sturdy desk) to do so.  I'd love to PR again at this race.  We'll see!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! So jealous you got the garmin! I am dying for one. I am hoping for my bday in June :)