Thursday, November 29, 2012

If It's Thirteen Things, It Must Be Thursday

1.  I had a site visit yesterday at a client's property scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and it ran long.  Meaning by the time I got back to the office I decided not to bother with an actual lunch, instead just getting a cup of tomato soup and then an actual dinner later that evening.  All of that translated into not drinking enough water yesterday.  Today I've been hydrating like crazy.  I had about 64 oz of Nuun plus more water plus a lot of tomato soup.  After lunch today I was feeling like an overfilled water balloon.  Which would be when our secretary kindly came back from her lunch with a big peppermint mocha from Starbucks.  I'm starting to feel like the "just one little mint" guy in Monty Python.

2.  Monday, somehow, I coughed so hard I popped out a rib.  Yes, that is a real thing, I told our secretary.  The weirdness with the rib in the back led to major weirdness with my rib right below my bra band, completely with pain and swelling.  Monday night I got very little sleep because I couldn't get comfortable as a result.  Tuesday it was feeling better but I was up late devouring the latest Harry Dresden novel.  Last night I wasn't up quite as late but I should've gone to bed at least an hour earlier (devouring a different novel).  Tonight I swear to Dog I'm going to bed early. 

3.  Tomato soup counts as a vegetable, right?

4.  The kittens continue to amuse.  And frustrate.  I thought it might be time for a second litter box, since they keep filling the existing real estate so quickly, so I got a new one in there Tuesday.  Girl kitty immediately used it.  And then began digging to China.  She covered her business so thoroughly that it came back around and she was then uncovering it.  I went in there later and there was a carpet of litter three feet long in front of the new box.  Weird.

5.  I've been annoyed by the discussion about the raise taxes on incomes more than $250,000 proposal.  As far as I can tell, those against it fall into three groups.  First, those making more than $250,000 a year.  Fair enough.  Second, those who hope that some day they'll make more than $250,000 a year.  To them I say, don't be an asshat.  The first group could give a shit about you, hold your bitching for when and more importantly if you get there.  In the meantime, get real:  We need revenue to pay for things like roads and schools.  Third -- and a lot of this group includes those from the first and the second -- are those who didn't bother to learn the particulars of the proposal.  Particularly, that it only applies to income in excess of $250,000.  Go a dollar over and it would be taxed at a higher rate.  But everything else would be at the lower rate. 

6.  If you're going to bitch and moan, at least know what you're bitching and moaning about.

7.  To whatever idiots think that dropping rocks on to traffic from overpasses is a good idea:  Come closer.  I've got a rock for you.  I know just where to put it.  Seriously though, why is this a thing?  Do they just not understand cause and effect -- see, if we raise taxes we get more money in schools and maybe they'll learn physics -- or do they just not care?  Are they idiots or are they sociopaths? 

8.  On that note, it seems like way too many people don't get cause and effect.  As a lawyer, in torts you study proximate cause with the wackiest -- yet usually true -- scenarios.  Like a guy forgets to engage his parking brake so his car rolls down the hill, hits a tree, which falls over on to a boat which then rolls down the hill and hits a bridge, breaking it, so that it can't lift when a flood comes and everybody drowns.  Or is on fire.  I forget which.  In the meantime, the boat was improperly secured, the bridge operator was asleep or hit the wrong switch, and so forth.  The question for the class is, who is liable?  But what you leave the class with is a vivid imagination and a firm desire to never forget to engage your parking brake.  Maybe more people need a class like this.

9.  I had a point with all of that but I forget what it was. 

10.  If you send me a list of requested information and I respond that I think you already have most of what you've asked for, could you please check and narrow down your request, don't assume that while I'm waiting for your narrowed list that I am pulling out everything that you asked for and most of which I think you already have.  So don't be all in my face when six business days after I've gotten your narrowed list that I haven't sent you everything on the shorter list.  I get 30 days.  Go learn to count. 

11.  And people think the law is all glamorous and shit.  It's mostly just pricey bitching amongst the overly educated.

12.  I could only manage not quite half of the grande peppermint mocha.  Just much too sweet.

13.  I love how Angus T. Jones has become this generation's Kirk Cameron.  It's a job, boys.  Deal with it or leave it. 

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Speaking of Kirk Cameron, I just saw a headline that he won't kiss anyone other than his wife, so when he's acting (he still does that?? Must be some religious movie nobody watches) he has his wife dress up as the other person so he can kiss her and not the other woman.

    He turned into such a nut job.