Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Freestyle

1.  I was in a mediation most of yesterday so I didn't get to do a Thirteen Things Thursday.  This will have to do.

2.  I had an uneventful Halloween.  I didn't dress up but I did bring the boys in to the office for the day.  That's usually what I do for Halloween since when you work in an office of five it's too much of an effort to really dress up.  And even though I moved to an apartment complex where there are kids, still no trick or treaters again this year unless they came before or right at dark when I wasn't yet home.  I'm guessing it will take about six months at least before the small bag of mini Butterfingers I bought is gone. 

Me and the boys.

3.  I finally got my birth certificate which means another trip to the DMV where I finally got to renew my driver's license.  With the worst picture ever.  I am hoping it won't be so bad when I see it smaller and in color on my new license (they switched to centralized processing in Oregon so it takes a week to get the actual license).  I last renewed my license eight years ago, at which time I put down my weight as 190.  I noticed this only after I had completed the form to renew my license, wherein I put down my weight as.... 190.  Which, I'm within six pounds so shut up.  It was depressing.

4.  Saw my acupuncturist, Jeremy, last night.  He had me do a food diary for a week, just listing what I ate.  I got sent home with a new supplemental list that said "EAT MORE VEGETABLES."  Yeah yeah.  When you have little to no appetite as it is, it's tough to get yourself to order or make vegetables, particularly those of which you are not all that fond (broccoli:  I'm looking at you).  But I'll do it.  I picked up a couple of gluten-free cookbooks at the library earlier in the week, just to see what they (the cookbooks) had.  There was some veggie stuff in one that sounded good.  I haven't read the second one yet, which is gluten-free Asian cooking.  Right now my taste buds are most interested in Asian food so hopefully this will be inspiring (and healthy) for me. 

5.  I've been making a mental list of everywhere with a decent salad bar nearby that I can hit for lunch during the week.  Sweet Tomatoes and Whole Foods head the list.  I also found a brining recipe for chicken breasts that I want to try to make grilled chicken for salads so that I can bring them from home (ones that I'll want to eat, that is).  When I do salad as a meal, it's trough sized.  I like to use one of those big silver bowls that, if you were to tell me you were using it to feed your dog I would say that you have a pony.  I'll need to go back to experimenting with my own salad dressings.  Time to add "food processor" back on the Christmas list!

6.  Speaking of Christmas lists, I got myself a present early in the form of an air purifier for my house.  I got smart and found a website that is reviews for allergy-related products.  Like air purifiers.  I didn't think it would make all that much of a difference -- my dad used to have one because he smoked like he was on fire and it didn't seem to do anything -- but less than an hour after plugging it in I noticed my eyes weren't burning and itching (which I thought was from eye strain and had been annoying me for WEEKS) and my breathing was easier.  It is a Whispure and it is a big ass sucker, but I wanted one that cleaned more than a five foot area.  If you really want to know more about it (like the model and cost), message me.  The kittens are using the box it came in as a new playhouse.

I would rather they play with the box than ON MY F*CKING FRIDGE.
If you look close, you can see Rudy is sticking his tongue out at me.

7.  Can't believe it's already daylight savings time this weekend. 

8.  If I have the scratch I might go see Wreck-It Ralph in 3D and get a manicure while I am out and about.  One of those will require contact lenses.

9.  There are also a couple of things at the convention center this weekend I'd like to hit, but again, money.  Title Nine is having their annual blowout sale and there is a Mind/Body/Spirit thing that I've been to before that was interesting.  Eh, maybe. 

10.  I'm wearing my 2011 Portland Marathon finisher's shirt today.  So that I don't feel so much like a slug.

I think ten is plenty, don't you?  Happy weekend!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Whole Foods for lunch? When? We need to set up a lunch date soon.

  2. There is something about wearing the marathon finisher's shirt.

    All of that and all I can talk about is a freaking race shirt? But really, don't you think so? It's like you feel like an instant badass. I haven't taken off my Portland Marathon jacket since I bought it!