Monday, December 3, 2012

Mundanely Monday

Been having one of those days where it seems like everything I'm reading is echoing thoughts I had over/about the weekend.  Like where talking about an orange car and then suddenly everywhere you see orange cars? 

I had an unusually productive weekend, the first in a very, very long time.  At least since I stopped running at the end of August.  That's a long time to be jammed into a rut, I think.  Looking back, the turn came about exactly a week ago.  That was the first night where I didn't get a lot of sleep (that rib thing) but instead of being a big dead lump as a consequence I ended up staying up late the next night (the new Harry Dresden) and still wasn't a big dead lump when I stayed up late (but not quite as late) the next night.  Not counting the minutes every evening until I could go to bed?  Felt very good.

It carried over into the weekend.  Saturday I did massive amounts of car maintenance and put in a couple of hours at work.  Sunday I cleaned house for about five hours and then went to Walmart to people watch shop. 

It felt really good to not only get things done, but to have the energy to get them done.

Over the weekend I had started thinking about how I never did get around to making a plan for myself for 2012, but that I was looking forward to putting together and implementing a plan for 2013.  I was not the only one

I also realized that I need to eat more nutritionally balanced meals.  I've gotten away from grains, dairy, and sugar to a large part and have had very little fruit lately.  I've also had very few vegetables.  When I get lazy, I want just meat.  I was not the only one.  Part of going to WalMart yesterday was to pick up fish, fish, fish, and more fish.  I'm going to get back to eggs/shellfish/chicken/pork with veggies and a little fruit during work hours and then mostly fish with the occasional steak with veggies in the evenings. 

I wish I could say that I had these realizations because I want to be healthy and strong and blah blah blah.  And although that is true in the abstract that's not what triggered me this weekend.  Since I was going to go to WalMart, I thought I should take the opportunity to pick up an inexpensive pair of jeans in a bigger size since they'd been a little snug lately.  But when I checked the tag on my current jeans to see what kind they were, to my utter horror I realized that they were in the bigger size.

In other words, I was busting out of my fat pants. 

And I refuse to go up to the size that shall not be named.  (Okay, it would've been a size 16.)  Or really, to even get any more clothes at all in a bigger size, no matter what it is.  Only down.  Down down down down down.

So instead, I bought fish.  And I cleaned out my freezer so that I would (a) have plenty of room for said fish, and (b) so that I could see all the veggies in there that I already had but was not eating. 

It's all about the planning.

the CilleyGirl

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