Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy After Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Mine was good... and interesting.

Came home from work on Wednesday to a boil water order: Consume no tap water that hasn't been boiled for a full minute.*  Makes preparing for Thanksgiving fun!  Actually it wasn't all that terribly inconvenient; I was brining Chester and that had to be boiled anyhow.  The trick was that I usually only drink tap water at home in the evenings, and by the time my boiled water cooled down enough to drink I was desperately thirsty.  I chugged 32 ounces in about five seconds.  Just in time for bed. 

Luckily the order was lifted early Thanksgiving morning, before I even got up.  The brining went well, although I learned that I should prepare the brine the day before I plan to use it so that it can cool overnight in the fridge.  I also learned that I should eat breakfast/brunch before I get the turkey into the oven.  It took about 3.5 hours for the turkey, and I was not in the least bit hungry yet when it was done.  Chester turned out nice and moist, with minimal drippings so a fairly lean, organic bird.  I do need to cut Chester thinner for sandwiches; mine today was a tad dry because I cut the meat too thick.

Thursday and Friday I lazed around with the cats.  We all enjoyed that. 

Saturday I heard from somebody I (a) hadn't heard from in two years, rather abruptly had not heard from and (b) never expected to hear from again.  He tempted me to come watch the Apple Cup (our college civil war football game) with him that afternoon.  He apologized for being an asshat two years ago, particularly when he found out what his asshattery had looked like from my side of things.  That part was nice.  He's kind of a girl and he makes me laugh so the afternoon was fun.

To top it all off, the Cougs KICKED HUSKY TAIL.  BOOYAH!!!

Sunday I did surgery on my car.  If ever your car's heater (or AC) stops working on all but the highest setting, you likely have a bad blower motor resistor.  It's about a $50 part, in my car under the passenger side dash and easy to swap out except that access and sight to it is a bitch.   Only two short little screws hold it in, but in my car there was a big piece of fascia (i.e., big ass plastic) blocking my view with only about three inches of clearance to unscrew it.  I had the right size screwdriver but zero leverage when I could get eyes on what I was doing, and almost zero leverage when I did it only by touch.  But as I told my friend Mike, women are used to doing things wholly by touch with only three inches of clearance.  Took about five minutes each way to screw and unscrew the thing in, maybe three seconds to swap out the part.  And voila!  I have heat again at something other than hurricane level. 

I am woman, hear me roar!

the CilleyGirl

*The order didn't come out until Wednesday, although they had a positive E. coli test starting on Sunday.  Did I mention that my stomach had been weirdly upset the first part of last week and I couldn't figure out why?  Hmmm....

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  1. I've been saying asshat all the time for the last few weeks. I enjoy your use of it!

    Poor Chester. Poor, poor Chester.

    This boil water order stuff freaks me out! That happened when I was up there this summer for my cousin's wedding. WTF?!?!