Thursday, November 15, 2012

I shall feed him and love him and call him Squish.

Not sure if I have 13 random things in me left to write about today, but let's give it a shot.

1.  My girl kitty is fast becoming known as Squish.  It's for two reasons.  First, when I come home in the evenings she'll usually just woke up from napping and when I pick her up for loves she's all soft, sleepy, and squishy.  Second, compared to her gargantuan brother who is muscled and sleek like a tiger, she's... squishy.  Today they turned seven months and as of yesterday Squish is nine lbs even and Ru is a whopping 10.2 lbs, all of it muscle. 

2.  Blogger let me see my new followers today.  Hi there!  A few familiar faces, several new ones.  I got to add many new blogs to my feed reader this morning. 

3.  Thanks to everyone who cited my Thirteen Things post from shortly after the election.  I tried commenting on the blogs of those who did but I think my iPad was cockblocking me and I'm not sure they went through.  I had no idea I'd touched such a cord in others; I thought I was merely being bitchy. 

4.  Today I woke up feeling better than I have in literally weeks.  Last night I did the saline rinse on my stuff yet runny nose and I was so congested half of it backed up out my throat.  Which got the cats attention:  "Whatcha doin Mom?  Huh Mom whatcha doin??"  And I'm trying not to yak on them.  Although that would be pretty funny.  For me. 

5.  My ankle is still wonky but I may go ahead and do the Oregon Turkeython.  Because everybody gets a medal.  And it's a really nice medal.  Sorry Kim, the Sherwood Give 'n Gobble can't compete with that....

6.  Still have little interest in cooking an actual turkey.  Maybe it will come upon me this weekend.  I am interested in mashed potatoes and gravy.  Mmmm, gravy made with turkey drippings is the best. 

7.   I know a lot people say if you're going to make changes then make them now not on Monday or next month or in the new year.  But December is awful for me in terms of trying to do anything other than eat, work, and sleep.  I put it off as long as I can but eventually I have to stock up on chicken nuggets and frozen pizza because I don't have time for anything that takes more work than that.  It gets a little easier in January so that's my goal, to go all the way back to Day One. 

8.  My spring half will be the Portland Rock 'n Roll.  My A goal is to get in under three hours, my B goal is to get a PR (I was sooo close in the inaugural race).  My C goal is no stress fractures! 

9.  My fall marathon will be MCM.  Hopefully hurricane free!  My A, B, and C goal for that race is to not get swept.  If I do not get swept, that will translate into a marathon PR (which would be the B goal) and a likely finish under six hours (the A goal).  So I think aiming to just not to get swept covers all my bases.

10.  Lest you think that my diet has completely gone to hell in a handbasket, let's just say that I weigh a lot less when I put down the cat.  Yesterday was a mix of great and kind of not great eating.  For lunch -- which I didn't get until after 2:00 p.m. and I had fasted through breakfast -- I had a jumbo prime rib hollandaise sub from Quizno's.  Which has mushrooms on it so shut up.  I had a late (and minimal) dinner of sea scallops sauteed in butter (grass fed), garlic, and lime plus a side of marinated mushrooms.  Today I was determined to eat the salad I've been bringing to work for the past three days, and I did:  romaine with grilled chicken and avocado in a lite honey dijon vinaigrette.  Plus a satsuma.  Breakfast was prawns dipped in sweet chili sauce.  I've consumed roughly my body weight in water today too.  Go me!

11.  I think having regular massages these past several weeks has been really good for me.  I plan to add in an extra massage during the month of December to help combat end of year work craziness. 

12.  I don't want to make light of Sandy's impact on the East Coast, but I have to say I was amused every time Governor Christie was on camera because he wears a jacket that says Chris Christie, and underneath that:  Governor.  I found it amusing because I'm guessing he did not have that specially made for the occasion and I can appreciate a public official who acknowledges that he may not be as important as he thinks he is.  (Or she.)  I know what my governor looks like and maybe a couple of congresspeople between Washington and Oregon but other than that it helps if they all wear name tags.  And it would've been really cool if on the back of his jacket it said GOVERNOR in big letters like FBI or POLICE.  Ooh, or PUBLIC OFFICIAL.  That would be some impressive cojones.

13.  And let's wrap up with today's Karma is a Bitch and I Love Her For It! news story.  I've been on that interchange.  What a dumb ass.

the CilleyGirl


  1. #5--I fully understand your need for bling.

    #13-- People really ride the MAX?

  2. I can't believe how big the kids are getting.

    I vote for the bling!

    Yay for Portland RnR!! I'm kind of wanting to sort of retire from running, sort of but not really, and right now Portland is the only thing after Goofy that I'm registered for. Shamrock -- we're signing up as part of a team. If you want to be part of it you can and should! I think with X number of people we end up saving $5 each other something like that.