Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Planning a Birth Day

I might have mentioned that my birthday is this week.  Did I mention it?  Are you sure?  Well, in case you missed it earlier, my birthday is this week.  Thursday, to be specific.  I'm a Scorpio to the core.

And in case I didn't mention it, my birthday is in two more days.

I've been planning out what to do on the day of my birth.  I was born very early in the morning, and hopefully my mother will not be making good on her long-standing threat to phone me at the specific time, a la City Slickers.  She's been saying she would since 1991 when the movie came out.  So far, she's always fallen asleep before the golden hour.

Fun fact:  Jayne Meadows was the voice of Mitch's mother in that movie.  Did you know she was also married to Steven Allen?

I took Thursday and Friday off from work.  Growing up, big tests were always scheduled right around my birthday.  In college, it was always semi-finals.  A few years ago I decided I never wanted to get up early on my birthday again so now I always take the day off.  (It goes without saying that I also don't want to work on my birthday.)  Last year when I turned 40 I took the whole week off. 

The plan for my birthday is to sleep in.  Then I'm going to get up and indulge in a big ol' plate of eggs benedict.  I make an excellent eggs benedict. 

Next I may go to the zoo.  I was definitely going to go to the zoo, then I found out that the Annual Squishing of the Squash is on Friday.  Except that (a) it's at 10:30 a.m., (b) there will likely be lots of rugrats children there as a consequence, and (c) it's supposed to rain on Friday.  Thursday's weather is supposed to be nice (as it should be -- did I mention it's my birthday on Thursday?).  So Thursday sounds like the better option, even if I miss the squishing of the squash.  Unless I sleep in really, really late (totally possible), I think a trip to the zoo is on for Thursday. 

Zoo grounds are open until 5:00 p.m. so getting there in the afternoon would perfect for the next part of the agenda:  Sushi!!  I realized I could again go to one of my favorite sushi places over in Beaverton for my birthday dinner.  This will probably be solo; I tend to like solitude on my birthday.  I ponder what I will do with myself for the next year, much more so than I do for New Year's Eve.  My work schedule has made New Year's pretty much a null holiday for me.  Besides, it makes more sense to contemplate your life on the anniversary of your birth, rather than on New Year's.  Unless your birthday is on New Year's.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is this Thursday!

Likely I will take my sushi home with me to keep me company while I watch my latest DVD of Midsomer Murders.  I do love a good death to counteract a birthday.

What is your must-do on your birthday?

the CilleyGirl


  1. Is your birthday on Thursday? I thought the actual day was Saturday, when we run 13.1 miles to celebrate your big 4-1. You, my friend, are just barely younger than me and I'm jealous!

  2. My mom and I call each other every November 4th at 4am, a la City Slickers! It was easy for me when I lived in Florida - I had the 3 hour advantage and would call while I was just up getting ready for work!

    Squishing of the Squash.... interesting!

    This year on my birthday the only thing I wanted was to see my mommy! I haven't seen her on my actual birthday in years. She'll be on vacation but I asked for her to be home in time ... we're going to dinner together. Yeah!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Mine was earlier in the month (5th). I love October, and I'm pretty sure it's because of my birthday and halloween. lol