Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Alaska, Rain Watch 2011, Krab, and My Dog Plays (?) Dead


Alaska.  I keep having this urge to move.  Not like move into a new place here in Portland.  More like move to Alaska.  I have no idea why.  Okay, I do have an idea why, right now:  Northern Lights was on TV recently and now I'm re-reading the book.  If you have actual literary taste and don't know what I'm talking about, Northern Lights is a book by Nora Roberts that takes place in a tiny Alaska bush town called Lunacy.  I try to catch it when it's on TV because, as I mentioned recently, I'll watch Eddie Cibrian read the phone book.  Plus this was the movie where they met and had they affair and now country music fans think she's the Antichrist.  Or Antichristess.  I get those mixed up. 

Anyhow.  Alaska. 

I've always wanted to move to a small town somewhere.  Not necessarily Alaska.  Remember that Julia Roberts' movie where she's the battered wife and she fakes her death to get away and then moves to a small town in somewhere like Iowa?  When I saw that movie, I wanted to move there.  Just something about that small-town atmosphere -- at least how it's portrayed in stage and screen -- appeals to me.  It could be that the town is so small that people HAVE to be friends with me.  Because in a town with lots of people to choose from.....

Rain Watch 2011.  It's on like Donkey Kong.  Thank you so much, Portland weather, for deciding to be fall THIS week.  So far, Sunday calls for a 50% chance of showers.  I don't mind the rain except for how that's the only time I've gotten blisters from running.  I think I'll just BodyGlide the entire inside of my shoes.  And maybe pray.  Because there are no atheists with blisters.  Or something like that.

Krab.  I've been trying to get away from the dreaded carbs for breakfast.  Stupid bagels.  I thought to go back to shrimp in the mornings but turns out the bag of shrimp I had had freezer burn and no longer tasted anything like shrimp.  More like water soaked curlicues of flesh.  Not even cocktail sauce could save it.  I'm on such a miniscule budget right now that I was writing down what I was spending for each item on my shopping list.  The big thing of fake crab?  Less than $7.00 and enough for five days worth of breakfasts.  Provided I don't nibble on it in the evenings.  Mmm, fake crab, just like my caveman ancestors used to eat.  If they had a surimi plant and Red Dye No. 5. 

My Dog Plays (?) Dead.  In the long process of waking up this morning, I noticed my dog wasn't in bed with me.  I figured she was downstairs doing some sort of mischief.  Found out when hitting the snooze alarm for the first time that she was laying on top of the hope chest (she jumps on that to get into the bed).  She woke up but just lay there all while I was getting ready.  She came downstairs shortly after I did but got up on the couch and just lay there too.  Not even coming in for canned dog food.  Her nose was wet and cold so beats me what's up.  Maybe I'll have a dead dog when I get home.  Yes I'm morbid but sheesh she's nearly 16 1/2 now.  She's had a good life.  Every day is like a bonus.  

And on that note. 

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Well dang it! You better not have a dead dog when you get home!! I know when my "step brother" was getting older and older I would stare at him for so long just to make sure he was still breathing. I tend to get REALLY paranoid once my animals start to age.

    I get the appeal of a small town. Heck, I actually enjoy Roseburg so much more now after living in Orlando. I laugh when people act like we are actually a city. Come on - this town has less people living in it than the amount of people working in Disney World. I enjoy small! The thought of living in Portland actually petrifies me. Too big. Too many people. The traffic. Oy - the traffic just stresses me ... it's those big bridges and people zigging and zagging to get to their exit, all the while I have no idea where the hell I'm trying to go.

    I hope we can at least have pre-race time without rain. If it starts while running, I can handle that. But I don't want to be stuck in a corral just getting soaked without being able to at least run around.