Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Musings

1.  After a long, long week it was an uneventful weekend.  I again slept a phenomenal amount on Saturday, getting up around 2:30 p.m.  Ah, sleep, my favorite avoidance coping mechanism.  It is getting more normal around the house, the Bear and I are settling into our own routine without the crazy dog.  Bear has been moving around better, probably because a crazy dog isn't walking over her or knocking her down several times a day.  We even played Tug of War, which is interesting with an old, somewhat crippled dog.  It involves mostly her head and a lot of snarling and growling at each other.  Ever arm wrestle a small child?  It's a lot like that.  But with more sound effects.

2.  I'm wearing jeans today that I haven't been able to wear in several months.  Yay for depression coupled with a lack of money and appetite.

3.  I surfed some recipes yesterday trying to get myself interested in cooking (and eating) again.  Made my very first tater tot casserole last night.  It was very tasty.  Not healthy, but tasty.  Next weekend I'm going to make BBQ wings and drums.  Perhaps with tater tot casserole.

4.  I finally put some new bumper stickers on my car.  One is the Run Oregon sticker from Foot Traffic that I've had for months and months.  The others were ones I got at the marathon expo from One More Mile.  I now have "26.2 Been There, Run That" and "Running is a mental game and we are all insane."  Love that last one.

5.  I'd like to run a half marathon between now and the end of the year but I don't want to actually train for one.  Since I (a) am broke, (b) need to spend more time at the office as we get closer to December 31, and (c) I strongly suspect that I've developed a new stress fracture in my other leg I think I'm just going to have to go with the "It's good to want things" position and take some time off.  Still planning to do the Turkey Trot and the First Run stuff though. 

6.  Now I feel really slow.  Maybe I should race with a turban.

7.  But not the beard.

8.  Every once in a rare while I feel the need to peruse the blog of my ex-boyfriend's wife.  Just to make sure I'm still winning.  I am!  One of his complaints about his first two marriages (we weren't married, FYI and thank god) was that his wives were all wrapped up in doing their own thing and he was on his own all the time, blah blah blah.  If you read his current wife's blog you'd be hard-pressed to figure out that she actually has a husband what with all the activities and shit she does.  Oh, and as time goes by the kid gets less cute.  The universe, she has a sense of humor and I am laughing along with her.   Sadly I just learned the wife was volunteering at one of the water stops during the marathon, under the Morrison Bridge.  Damn, I could've accidentally thrown up on her or something.  Then again, it's not her fault she's married to a dickhead.

9.  Now I'm looking for blogs that celebrate singledom.  Hmm, are there any?  I'm thinking maybe not -- I mean, look at this article.  It's all "Don't slit your wrists quite yet -- he's still out there waiting for you!!"  What if you're not frustrated?  What if you could give a shit about whether he's out there waiting?   I wasn't born lacking.  I am complete as I am.  Ooh, this is good.  Maybe I'm just a quirkyalone.

10.  Yeah, I think that's it.

the CilleyGirl


  1. We ARE insane! That sticker is very accurate!!

    That's awesome that you're a blog stalker! ;)

    I'm glad you and your doggy are playing together. I bet it is really strange without your 3rd piece at home now.

    I wish I could fit into jeans.

    I have more to say. Perhaps I'll e-mail you!

  2. You should run the holiday half! Several people I know are running that one....including me. ;) I used my birthday money to pay for it. I never thought my birthday cash would go toward race fees!!!

  3. I'm toying with the idea of running the Holiday Half, although I keep hearing it's sold out... it's not sold out... no it is sold out. I should be getting my annual birthday money from my grandma soon so maybe.... I was registered for it last year and had a migraine instead. I had barely trained for it though, it's tough for me to get the time to run at the end of the year because of work.