Saturday, October 22, 2011

I don't wanna run but I do wanna RACE!

I'm a little burnt out on actual training but I still want to run.

Well, maybe the first part isn't entirely accurate.  I'm a little burnt out on getting up at the butt crack of dawn to run.  It's dark and it's early.  Really, really early.  Times like this I wish I lived where it stayed light up super late all the time. 

But then I'd probably have snow as a trade off. 

Anyhow.  While training is imperative in order to run a marathon -- so, you know, you don't get a stress fracture or anything -- it's a lot less important for shorter distances.  Like 5Ks.  Even kinda half marathons.  At least when you're like me and slow as dirt and pretty much okay with that.

Yet I do want to race.  In 2009, the first year I started running I ran something like 30 races.  It was a lot.  It was also expensive.  I didn't run as many in 2010, only 15 races, partly because I had a lot less disposable income and partly because I was marathon training.  And partly because I more or less quit running after the Eugene Marathon. 

It's my story, I get to have three partys if I want to!

I also ran more races in 2010 than I might have otherwise because I was part of a running league (and I won my division so neener!) and they counted as points.  This year, I haven't done many races at all, again due mainly to money and marathon training.  As the long runs get longer, I find it hard to race at the same time.  My good intentions to race say 3.1 miles and then finish out the balance of the run afterwards never work out. 

Now that training is done, and given the fun I had at the Portland Marathon, I've got the racing bug again.  Still no money but we've all got challenges to overcome.  So, piggybank permitting, I'm thinking about finishing out my year with some of these:

Nov 24 - ORCC Turkey Trot 4 miler

Nov 26 - Winter Wonderland of Lights

Nov 28 - Hot Buttered Run 5K

Dec 3 - Ridgefield Holiday Fun Run 5K

Dec 4 - Jingle Bell Run 5K

Dec 11 - Holiday Half

Out of these, I definitely will be doing the Turkey Trot at the Zoo.  The rest, I may just flip a coin.  I looked at doing the Ridgefield Holiday Fun Run last year, I did their Fourth of July run in 2009 and it had a great atmosphere.  Plus it's seriously cheap -- $15 with a canned food donation.  I think that includes a shirt. 

Anything coming up on your race calendar I should know about?

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I think my calendar is done for the year. I mean I have the Pumpkin half we are doing and then RnR in Vegas. I was thinking of putting in one more half in November in Eugene - I'm leaving that option open. I'm just really burnt out on all the constant driving to Portland - and with the holidays I'd rather be with my family than on I-5. So even though I want more races, I think I have to pause. :( I really want to do a zoo race though. Sounds so cute and fun! There is a local 5K right by my work on Halloween. I might just stay after work and do that - it is only $5 and I get a ribbon. But it is 2 days after the Pumpkin - so that is also up in the air.