Friday, October 21, 2011

I Am a Crazy Person

A few weeks ago I learned about the Runaway Pumpkin Half.  I thought it looked like a lot of fun and all the cool kids were doing it but money has been a huge issue in recent weeks plus I started having potential stress fracture thingies (technical term) a couple days after the Portland Marathon so I put the race out of my mind.

As it turns out, completely out of my mind.  Last night I was texting with the Fruit Fly about my birthday dinner and she reminded me that she was running the half that same day.  I had forgotten about that race until she mentioned it, and then a little voice in the back of my mind said "you should run it."  So after a couple of hours, I checked out how far the drive was to the race (about 90 minutes) and how much it was ($65).  I was still thinking I'd pull the trigger a few days before the race, then I saw on the website that not only did registration close on October 25 but that you had to register by October 20 -- you know, that day -- to be guaranteed a shirt and a goodie bag. 

I'm all about the shirt and the swag.  Why else would I run a race? 

So now I'm signed up.  And so is the Fruit Fly and Kim (and her famous boobies!) and then Julie (who fixed her blog - yay!) texted me this morning to say she was in too.  Rumor has it that 2012 will be the year of the half so I would say we're in a good position to do that...

the CilleyGirl


  1. This all excites me so much! And then we have dinner than night - what a big day. You should run as a birthday cake! ;)

  2. Can't wait! You guys are going to make this race so much more fun.

  3. Kim, can you come up that evening for my birthday dinner? Would love to have you there!