Monday, October 1, 2012

Are you ready for 31 days of awesome?!?!?!

It.  Is.  October.

My favorite month of the year!

I love everything about October.

I love fall.  I love the changing of the leaves from green -- it's so fucking green here -- to yellow and red and orange.  I love that the days start to get cooler.  Not freezing, just cooler.  Those amazing fall days where the sky is that perfect blue and it's just cool enough to maybe need long sleeves during the day.  The smell of wood smoke in the air.  The chance to light a fire to create the wood smoke that smells so good.

I love Halloween.  I love the decorations, both fun and scary.  I love the sentiment behind Halloween.  We should not fear the dead.  We should celebrate them.

And last, but certainly not least, I love that my birthday is in October.

In honor of October, I've started on a get-my-ass-in-gear campaign.  Not my physical ass but my mental one.  I'm sick of being sick.  And draggy.  And foggy.

First up, I went to the chiropractor last week and resolved a lot of the physical triggers that were causing my headaches.  The muscles are still tight, but most of the bones are where they are supposed to be when they are at home.

Next, I finally scheduled an appointment for acupuncture.  My list of complaints was long.  It was sad.  And probably whiny.  I'm doing some nutritional testing through them tomorrow, but right now my acupuncturist -- a cutie pie named Jeremy -- said that I have a confused nervous system.  I was unsuccessful in googling that, but I understand what he means.  Like how I can train for and run a marathon yet not lose any weight, still have sky high blood pressure, and my triglycerides double.  Basically, my body isn't reacting to internal and external triggers like it should.  Like, pollen.  Or what have you.

Acupuncture was interesting.  With the needles, it felt like if you press on your skin with a needle, not like if you poke through.  There were some weird nerve sensations that quickly went away.  Taking them out was actually a little more uncomfortable than putting them in.  So far, I've noticed a huge improvement in my breathing, in that my sinuses don't feel all swollen and puffy like, you know, every other single second of the past few years.  I go back for another session in another week or so.

Then I also got a massage on Saturday and joined my local Massage Envy.  I'm fairly aware of what massages cost, and this at $49.99 (no sales tax in Oregon!) for an hour massage each month is to me a good buy.  Plus additional hour massages are only $39.99.  I had a great massage -- with a cutie pie named Kyle, who was 25 if he was a day -- and I go back in two weeks, then probably monthly thereafter, depending on my finances.  I carry so much of my tension in my shoulders, which in turn causes headaches.  It would be nice to beat that down a bit.

Oh, almost forgot -- Jeremy is an advocate of paleo.  Yay!  I assured him that I most definitely was familiar with paleo.  We talked a lot about wheat sensitivity, etc.  It's baby steps but I am working my way back towards meat/veg/fruit.  I even bought lettuce this week!

Now I just have to eat the damn stuff.

the CilleyGirl

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