Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clearly Alzheimer's is setting in early...

I was reading a blog post today where the author mentioned what fabulous calf sleeves her friend had.  And suddenly my mind flashed back to where I had bought these fabulous arm sleeves at the Portland Marathon expo the week before last.

And that I had no idea what I'd done with them after that.

I immediately texted one of my expo partners in crime, Kim, to convey my patheticness.  Patheticism?  Anyhow, my sad, sorry ass.  Thankfully, as I was telling her I remembered pulling the jacket I'd bought at the expo out of my bag and then putting the bag on the floor for the kittehs to destroy, I had another flash to just where I may have put those arm sleeves. 

Except that I'm pretty sure that they're not there now.  So the question has become, where did the cats put those arm sleeves?  They love to steal my wrist gaiters too -- only one though.  I don't know why. 

Anyhow, I don't think I ever told the story of the arm sleeves at the expo, because clearly I had completely forgotten even buying them.  And since I have nothing else better to write today....

Back when I went to the Spokane Bloomsday Expo, I had seen a pair of arm sleeves I really wanted at a booth fairly close to the entrance.  But then the expo was sooo crowded, primarily with amateurs (i.e., people who have zero clue about races, race etiquette, etc.) and my mood was increasingly black as a consequence (plus I'd driven six hours to get there) that I completely forgot about going back for those arm sleeves.  When I remembered, I tried and tried to figure out which vendor had had them, but couldn't.  I've looked for them at other expos but still no luck. 

Flash forward to the Portland expo.  I was busy chatting with Kim about various and sundry that I almost didn't even spot them.  There they were!  Same booth -- I remembered the vendor as soon as I saw her sign.  If you like cool sleeves and other accessories, check out Wahine Sport.  And here is the grey dragons fabric my arm sleeves are made out of -- mine stop at the wrist, she told me, so they're not quite the same style as shown here (the gloves) but the fabric is identical.  So cool! 

I still don't even know if they'll fit me.  The woman at the booth (I think the owner) asked me if I wanted to try them on and laughed when I immediately said "Don't care!  My arms are huge, if the XL is too small I don't care!"  If they do fit, I may just order the glove ones too, as I really like my wrist gaiters.

When I can find them.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Hahaha! Hey, i like those "gloves" on the end. What a cool idea. I should have looked more closely at her stuff. You'll find them...