Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perhaps if you scooped out my insides like a pumpkin and started from scratch...

Yesterday I had my Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) with my acupuncturist, Jeremy.  You can go here for a pretty good description of what it is.  Basically Jeremy had me hold various things or he brought various things close to me while pushing against my outstretched arm, which I was supposed to match his force (i.e., push against him).  The various things were either little vials of potential irritants or bottles of remedies.  I understand how it works but I didn't look too closely at all the labels lest I taint the testing.  If I even could, I don't know. 

Anyhow, for example, Jeremy said I was indicating problems in my mouth and jaw and testing positive for heavy metals poisoning with titanium.  Now, I have a permanent porcelain and metal bridge in my mouth.  I don't remember exactly what kind of metal, but titanium is a typical component in dental implants.  The mercury in dental fillings could be a problem for somebody else.  It's like that.

In addition to the mouth/heavy metals issue, I was told I have sensitivities to wheat and dairy.  Except for swiss cheese, apparently it's made with a different protein.  Which is good because (a) I'm not sure I could give up all cheese completely and (b) swiss is my preferred daily-wear kind of cheese.  So, yay.  I also tested positive for problems with my bowel, my adrenals, my pancreas, my kidneys, and my liver.  At least my heart is just fine and dandy?

I'm not really getting anywhere trying to fix what's broke with conventional medicine so I went home with four bottles of supplements.  The price was decent, not all that much more than I spend on my regular meds, and three of the four should last six weeks (unless the dosage changes) with the fourth lasting a month.   One is supposed to increase the acidity in my stomach, which in turn should help me digest my food better and decrease my acid reflux.  As in, my stomach is not producing the right kind of acidic balance so it needs a lot of more of it, which in turn can back up the pipes. 

Is all this malarkey or what?  I was introduced to the chiropractic/whole body ideal at a very young age, around 16.  I don't like the "let's throw a pill at it" mentality.  I've posted before about my PCOS, about how it took 12 years (from age 12) to finally get a doctor that listened to me about what was going on and then diagnosed it.  And while I know that losing weight would help in many areas, I've still got that wacky thing going on as I said where I can train for and run a marathon yet not lose any weight, still have high blood pressure, and my triglycerides doubled.  I was having high blood pressure issues even 30 to 40 lbs ago.  Something else is going on.

I have noticed three things so far since starting the supplements last night.  First, my stomach has calmed down.  Often I feel like there is alien baby in there, squirming around and blowing bubbles while occasionally lighting a blowtorch.  Last night and today, my tummy is suspiciously quiet.  Second, my saliva seems different.  It's not something I pay attention to on a regular basis so it's a little hard to describe, but I guess I'd say that normally I have a lot of spit in there.  Now my mouth feels not dry, but just like there is less.  The third thing involves my poo habits and I'll spare you that, but let's just say that maybe alien baby is on its way out and that that is an interesting process.

Anyone else going the homeopathic route?  I see Jeremy again next week and need to ask about what the treatment forecast is, both for the supplements and the acupuncture.  The idea, I think, is to get better, at which point I don't need to do this any more or else maybe I'd just need an oil check and perhaps a tune up every few months.  I'm willing to shell out some money up front for the benefits to come later.  I'd just like to be able to budget for it.

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