Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday: The Big Carrot Edition

1.  I've been thinking about motivation for losing weight.  Being present in every moment so that you remember why you really don't want to eat a half pound double hamburger with bacon, cheese, more bacon, and more cheese can be tough even in the best of circumstances.  Throw in things like, oh I don't know, LIFE, and it can be impossible.  So I decided to devise of a list of carrots for myself, to help inspire me to stick to a reasonable and healthy eating plan as well as to slow up my personal spending.

2.  For the first five pounds lost, I get a pedicure.  I desperately need one, and thankfully I see my toes several times in a day to remind me of this fact.  I have three pounds to go before I can deck my toeses out with roses.

Disclaimer:  Not me.

3.  For the next five pounds, I'm going to get a facial.  I have rosacea and a local spa has a fabulous facial geared towards this condition.  I had one maybe two years ago and it was the best facial I think I've ever had. 

4.  At 15 pounds lost, it's dinner at my favorite sushi place.  The goal is to not eat there at all until then.

I don't order quite this much... but it's close.

5.  Twenty pounds gone gets me a hot stone massage from cutie pie Kyle, my masseur.  I'm looking forward to this.

6.  In the middle here I had a hard time thinking of things.  For 25 pounds lost, I'm tentatively going to do a spa day.  One place has a four and a half hour treatment that gets you a Sweet Jasmine Wrap, a one-hour massage, a facial, a rejuvenating eye treatment, a silky smooth lip treatment, a spa meal (last time I had chicken salad), and you get to take one of their cool spa robes home.  That one is kind of pricey though. 

7.  After 30 pounds is a new watch for daily wear.  I have my Garmin of course and I have a nice dress watch, but the Timex Ironman watch I wear every day is looking very sad.  That's not helped by the fact that it's one of my cat's favorite toys.  Last night it got tossed into a sink full of water, and I've found it in my bed, on the bedroom floor, and on the living room floor; I'm waiting for the day it winds up in the litter box.  In my mind's eye I want a silver watch with a dark blue face that isn't digital and shows the date. 

Something like this.  And it's only $25!

8.  Thirty-five pounds is tentatively a new iPod and possibly taking my car in so that I can access the iPod jack that is already on my existing car stereo.  I want to play the tunes or audiobooks off the iPod in the car. 

9.  At 40 pounds, it's definitely these ivory earrings I saw in a shop in Sisters over the summer.  They were polar bears hanging from the ear wire, and if memory serves they were made out of fossilized ivory.  I really really really wanted them.  When I lose 40 pounds, I'm going to get them.

10.  At forty-five pounds it's tentatively either a leather jacket or Frye boots.  I've always wanted Frye boots.

My friend had an oh so soft leather jacket a lot like this one that I loved...

11.  Coming towards the end!  For 50 pounds lost, I think it may be time to get that third tattoo...

12.  And last but not least, for reaching my goal of 55 pounds lost a trip to either the Oregon Coast or Victoria, B.C. is in order. 

13.  How do you reward yourself?  I'd love to hear.
the CilleyGirl


  1. You know what ... I like this! I need to get some motivation. I mean the wedding I guess is the biggest, but I should come up with my own carrots to help me get there. Right now I'm just constantly tired and hungry. Damn marathon. I fully blame that and the post-vacation thrust back into reality. I need to get carrots!!

  2. My carrots & rewards were lower blood preesure, better cholesterol numbers, lower chance of heart disease, breast cancer & diabetes