Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kind of a quickie

What a great weekend!

Yesterday I took a friend who was feeling down to the Zoo for my inaugural membership trip.  The weather was great and I took my big digital SLR.  Ended up taking 311 pictures and managed to catch some really great moments.

Otter content.

I shouldn't have had that last beer...

I heard you weren't feeling well.

Much better now.

Gotta go... gotta go... gotta go right now!

This year's Christmas card.

This one is for RR.

Mickey fans; they pop up when you least expect it.

And then what happened?

I have a barrel!

Fine, now *you* have a barrel.

Still so embarrassed that she chicked my barrel.

Now I have a stick!

Bear assed.

Shhh, listen.  This year we are *totally* kicking some Dawg butt!

Because Cougars rule.  Uh huh.  That's right.

Y'all, this Crossfit is *hard*.

And these are just the absolutely best shots -- or the ones that had the best punchlines -- so that gives you an idea of how many pictures I really took.  I love that camera.  But it's heavy and I get tired of carrying it around after a while.  If I can figure out how to tote it around in D.C. without it driving me crazy, I'll take it with me. 

Today Julie and I drove around in circles before finally finding the start of the Bald Peak Half Marathon course.  After her Monument Peak run I suggested we go check out the course which has some serious elevation gain.  And holy cow, does it ever.  About 500 feet in elevation just in the first mile.  Which was when we decided we couldn't face the second mile today so we ran some slightly flatter miles in the area.  Very slightly.  Total elevation gain:  834 feet. 

It was beautiful out there though.  I even got to channel my inner Kim:

He obligingly came over to say hello -- twice!

How was your weekend?  I'm looking forward to reading the Eugene race recaps. 

the CilleyGirl

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