Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting ready for Bloomsday

I may have mentioned oh, six or twelve times, that this Sunday I am running Bloomsday in Spokane, Washington.   With only a few days to go, I am starting to plan.

Today I confirmed just where my hotel was in relation to the expo and the race start.  I'll be driving directly to the former on my way into town and then head to my hotel.  On race day, Google Maps tells me I should just hoof it to the start.  It estimates a 12 minute walk.  Sounds like a nice warm up to me. 

And especially because I don't have to be in any hurry to get to the start.  Not only is the race chip timed, this race is gi-freaking-normous.  Consequently, they will be starting in eight waves.  Looking at my race registration I estimated my finish time to be two hours.  For seven miles.  Not quite sure what I was thinking there, but I'm fairly certain I'll be in the very last wave to start.  Meaning I start at approximately an hour after the race officially starts.  Boo.

Yesterday the plan for my A goal was 1:35.  This would put me under a 14 minute mile average, which is what I need for MCM.  Today I looked up the elevation in Spokane and we'll be running at about 1,700 feet.  Usually I run at zero.  So elevation may be a factor.  I think my B goal will be 1:40, and my C goal 1:45.  I should figure out splits and crap like that.  Or have Big Red, my Garmin, do it.   Hmm.

Currently there is a flood warning in Spokane, and rain forecast for the remainder of the week.  Considering that this race is centered around the river -- oh goody!  Knock on wood though, Sunday is currently forecast for mostly sunny with a high of 62.  That should translate into perfect running weather at 10:00 a.m. 

Now I guess I should figure out a race outfit, eh?

the CilleyGirl

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