Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lilacs ho!

As you know, in about ten days I will be running the Spokane Bloomsday race.  This is a Lilac Festival event but, oddly and sadly, it's not actually held in conjunction with any of the other Lilac Festival events -- like the parade.  That stuff actually takes place two weeks after the race.  So, here I was thinking that there wouldn't be that much to do in Spokane while I'm there.

Except then I looked at the race expo.  Holy cow!  Look at all them vendors.  What is that, like 90 of them?   Is this bigger than the Portland Marathon expo?  I think it may be...

I am looking forward to stopping at the following booths:

Franz Bakery.  Because every race expo should have baked goods.  Four spaces!

Marmot March.  I don't even know what this is.  Let's google it, shall we?  Oh, it's the kids' race for Bloomsday.  Interesting graphic though.

Runnnnn, Marmot!  Run!

Yay, Nuun will be there!  I'll likely be needing some more Nuun by next weekend.  Nuun just announced their Hood to Coast team runners.  I hope they have better course organization and support this year. 

Nordstrom Rack.  Really?   Maybe they'll have coupons.

Ditto for Linens Wholesale and then some oils and vinegars place.  Because when you think running, you think oils and vinegars.

Runners Soul has a whole block of space.  Apparently they are the only specialty running store in Spokane.  That seems sad.  If they're purely local, I'll see if there's anything I can afford to buy from them. 

New Hope Bible ChurchKidding!  They'd probably smite me. 

Bakke Brothers!!!!  Really excited for this.  I got some of their elk and buffalo jerky when I was last in Tillamook at the cheese factory and it is soooo good.  They're based out of Salem, though I have yet to find a store around here that carries their products. 

Loud Truck Gummis.  I had to google these guys but I'm interested in checking them out.  Looks like a nice alternative to shot bloks and the like. 

RR, are you jealous about the size of my expo?  

What do you like to see in an expo?

the CilleyGirl


  1. I am a fan of baked goods at an expo. Hooray for Krusteaz at Eugene all these years. Clif is also one of my favorites. Too bad it isn't an actual march of marmots 'cause that would be awesome. Have fun! That race is supposed to be a blast!!

  2. YES!!

    You mentioned big expo and I immediately looked up the race to see if I could to it, too! Then I saw it was sooooo far away and ruled it out.

    At expos I like to see space! I want room to move and not feel like I'm being pushed by crowds of people. And I want FREE stuff - like gym bags and towels!