Friday, April 6, 2012

As a diet, I don't recommend it.

I've lost at least four pounds in the past few days.  However, I don't recommend whatever is going on with me as a diet.  Here's why:


Not hungry. 
Ergo, lose weight without all the usual BS.


Not hungry.  Also not thirsty. 
Ergo, lose weight without all the usual BS.
Add in wicked headaches that sneak up on you because you haven't eaten.
Top with potential for dehydration and eventually hospitalization.


By the way, I'm not normally one to suck up the praise but are my comments broken or something?  I thought I'd have at least one "how lousy for you" comment after yesterday's post.  I was sick and everything when I wrote it.  No sympathy?  Sheesh.  I don't get hernias and DV for myself, people.  It's all about YOU.

Seriously though, if comments aren't working would someone who knows I'm not imaginary let me know off the blog?

Today to eat I have had two inch square crackers with one inch square piece of yummy smelly cheese.  And a banana, to combat the low blood sugar headache.  And two diet cokes and 32 ounces of water.  I've had two brief instances of my tummy saying "I'm hungry."  At which point I say "Come again?" and my tummy says "Huh?  I didn't say anything."  Weird.  I'm going to pick up sushi after work, something that tastes good so that I'll want to eat it.  I know I probably shouldn't be having anything where sesame seeds might be lurking but nothing else sounds good.  Except maybe some nice, salty chicken broth. 

Maybe I'll have that for dessert.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I hope this all passes and you feel back to normal soon. When I go to the doc, I always wish they had a magic pill to fix whatever the problem is.

  2. Your story is inspiring. Keep it up! Glad you're exercising although I'm convinced exercise doesn't lead to weight loss. Exercise tones and improves cardiovascular health. Cutting carbs (like crackers, bread, rice, potatoes, fruits) loses weight. Everyone has critized Atkins, but now there are loads of diets that emphasize low carb, and are quick to point out they are not Atkins. Of course they are. Low carb is gaining more and more respect. Not all calories are the same. Carbs increase insulin which is a signal to create fat. Ironically eating fat doesn't do this. Atkins was right! Dietary fat is fine. Be afraid of carbs. :)
    Massachusetts Doc

  3. I see you still have your sense of humor through all this. Get better soon!

  4. Comments? What are comments?

    Wait, who are you again?

    OH! You're the big dick girl. Hey!! Funny how that seems to take on a totally different meaning when you forget to capitalize the D!

    But really, I want you to get better. I like having our fun girl times, and those are more fun for you if you have an appetite and drink water and all that. Plus, feeling better just feels better!

    Oh man, that was sooo deep. Let's take a second to ponder all of that.