Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thirteen Things Thursday

1.  I'm knocking on wood as I write this but I've been able to walk normally this afternoon for the first time in weeks.  Seriously, I was thinking of becoming a professional John Wayne impersonator, the limp and lurch was just that bad.  I hope this is the end of that mess.  At least until after the Portland marathon.

2.  Which is in 16 days. 

3.  I know I haven't trained enough for this race but considering that just two months ago I was still rehabbing a stress fracture I'm okay with that.  Still hoping to beat my Eugene time of 6:26 and barring catastrophe (again, knock on wood) it's definitely doable. 

4.  After the Eugene Women's Half, I told Julie we needed a code word for really meaning it if one of us tells the other to go on ahead.  Without the code word, the other person gets to drag, beat, and otherwise cajole your ass forward without mercy.  I think the word will be "popcorn" because why else would you say that during a marathon?

5.  I knew I was taking the day after the marathon off but had forgotten until this morning that I'm also taking the day after that off as well.  Yay for foresight!

6.  Migraines SUCK.  The Excedrin Migraine worked for about an hour but now the headache is back again.  I'd really rather be in a darkened room right now.  Stupid sunny day and stupid office with lots and lots of windows and a view.

7.  I really wish I had a way to notify all of the taxpayers of a particular county that their county counsel is wasting tons of their money just fucking with us.  I swear she's doing is so that she can justify her continued employment.  For example, in the court we work in you can't do formal discovery requests until discovery has been asked for and ordered.  And she knows this.  Yet she just served us with 30+ formal discovery requests, without an order of discovery.  Bitch.

8.  She also doesn't believe a trust can own property.  That's going to come as quite a surprise to the zillion people who have set up trusts and transferred ownership of their property to them.  Dumbass bitch.

9.  I've never watched Portlandia.  Should I?

10.  I can't believe the fall TV season has already started.  I used to start preparing weeks in advance, even making a spreadsheet so I'd know what shows to watch when, what shows to tape, etc.  Back in the VCR days you had to coordinate in order to tape stuff.  I did watch the reboot of Two and a Half Men.  I didn't think it was any better or any worse than with Charlie Sheen -- I do like Chuck Lorre's stuff as it is.  The Dharma and Greg cameo (a Chuck Lorre show) did make the whole episode worth watching though.  The Charlie Sheen roast was pretty good.  Mike Tyson was fabulous in it, and there's a phrase I never thought I'd say.  I mean, the man even made an Iliad/Homer joke.  And it was funny

11.  I was just talking with our bookkeeper about whether I needed to take a vacation day for my jury service or if I would get paid.  I came across this in my research.  I admire the responder's self-control; my response would have started with "You are an idiot, sir."  And I was just commenting on how sometimes courts do run out of jurors.  Imagine just walking down the street and being summoned for jury duty.

12.  Back to television.  I did watch The New Girl.  I found it kind of meh.  The singing to herself thing got real old real quick.  I also caught most of 2 Broke Girls which I liked a lot better.  As I've mentioned before, I typically cannot stand sitcoms so when I actually like one good for them.  I may still not actually watch that one though; the only sitcom I watch with any regularity (that's not in syndication and on when I'm making dinner) is The Big Bang Theory and that's only been in the past year.  I think it's because most sitcoms involve somewhat mundane situations where it would be resolved in two seconds if only people would talk to each other.  The more absurd situations -- the Murphy Brown turkey episode comes to mind as well as anything Sheldon ever does -- are the ones I'll bother to watch. 

13.  Folks are talking about the Run Away Pumpkin Half Marathon on October 28.  Hmmmm......

the CilleyGirl


  1. 13..... Do it!! I didn't even know about it and once Kim told me I think it took less than 10 minutes for me to read about it, pull out the credit card and register!

    9 .... me neither. I don't even know what channel it is on.

    2 .... I know it is getting close (biological clock-wise) because I am at the point where I am compelled to obsessively read the website and try to learn anything about it that I didn't already know. And I have tummy butterflies. I wanted to suggest a group dinner again, but I might be at OSU for football the day before. Still waiting to see what time the game is to even know if I can make it there or not - the expo is obviously my priority. I promise to not stalk Frank Shorter too much -- but he did know Pre pretty well, so you know I will.

  2. 13...Do it!! I told Fruit Fly about it (haha, read above). It's on Saturday the 29th and all the cool kids will be there.

    Dharma and Greg were fab u lous on Two and a Half Men, my fav part too.