Monday, September 26, 2011

Bits 'n Pieces of Monday

I was going to call this "Bits 'n Pieces o'Monday" but that seemed way too damn cutesy. 

So.  How was your weekend?  Most of my weekend was spent in a post-long run hangover with touches of migraine.  Meaning the first part of my weekend was spent running 18 miles.

I'll use the phrase "running" loosely.  The first six miles was more of a limping lurch as my right leg just did not want to get with the program.  I wanted to quit every single second of those first six miles.  Thankfully Julie was there and she kept me from quitting, because right at end of that first loop everything literally fell into place and the pain went away.  Well, the piercing, shooting pain from the back/hip issues went away.  I still had the "I'm running 18 miles" issues to deal with.  Despite that and the sun emerging from the lovely fog -- we loved the fog, it had that cool wet breeze on your face thing going on -- we were running the last few miles about four minutes faster than the first few. 

After all of that joy plus a nap, I spent the rest of the weekend holding down my couch and catching up on television.  Some interesting stuff in the new season:

- Prime Suspect.  This U.S. remake was really good.  I love British crime dramas and Helen Mirren but the one episode I watched of the British version I didn't like.  The U.S. one held my interest.  Definitely going to keep watching this.

- The Playboy Club.  I was bored and it was On Demand.  Plus I'm a sucker for Eddie Cibrian.  I'd watch him read the phone book.  Particularly if he were shirtless.  I was so sad when they killed off his character rather than that fuckwad Eric Delko on CSI: Miami.  Anyhow.  The representation of the era was nifty and it was pretty cool to see the guy die by bunny stiletto.  Heel, that is.  Oh, and the secret lesbian bunny is portrayed as a seriously girlie girl and it was good they bucked that stereotype.  But on the whole?  I'd watch it if there were nothing else on.  For Eddie Cibrian, mainly.

- Supernatural.  I'd heard they were killing off Castiel this season and SPOILER ALERT they did.  Sort of.  I keep thinking I should stop watching this show and I never do.  I have a feeling that TPTB might be thinking the same thing and that this might be its last season. 

- CSI:  The Mothership.  I absolutely love the casting of Ted Danson.  I didn't think I didn't like Laurence Fishburne on CSI last season, but after seeing Ted Danson I realized I did.  I really did mind.  Glad he's gone.

- CSI:  Miami:  Please please please KILL ERIC DELKO.  Beat him to death with Tony DiNozzo if you have to, but HE MUST DIE.

- Glee.  It was meh.  There may be sharks underfoot.

- The Good Wife.  I've never watched this one before.  I liked it. 

- Harry's Law.  Still an awesome show.  Just hope it doesn't spiral downward into WTF??ness like every other David E. Kelley show I've ever seen. 

- The Mentalist.  SPOILER ALERT.  Red John lives!  Can't say I was terribly surprised.  Still hoping that what's his name -- the guy who started out heading up the CBI, who was the slimy President on 24 -- turns out to be Red John.  Gregory Itzin, that's his name. 

I think I'm done for now.  Anything good on your TV that I'm not watching?  Anybody like this season's Biggest Loser? 

the CilleyGirl


  1. This season I tried out Revenge and PanAm. The hard part is I don't have DVR and they are both on so late. I saw the first have of Revenge. I'll try it again. Emily VanCamp is just ridiculously pretty and I never bore of watching her face.

    I'm so stuck on the Jersey shows - the Housewives, the Shore. I love them! I don't watch any other Jersey shows though, I'm particular ... .can't you tell?

    Yay for 18!! I felt great with just 5 - I can't imagine how awesome (not physically) I'll feel if I ever run more than a half marathon. I mean 14 sounds terrifying right now, but it is my goal before Vegas RnR!

  2. Watching the Good Wife on the DVR right now. My daughter and I agree that she is no longer good, haha! Pan Am's on the DVR along with the Amazing Race and Whitney.

    Hope you feel better!