Monday, September 12, 2011

T minus 26 and counting

Less than 30 days until the Portland marathon!

We're now into the lonnnnng long runs.  Sixteen miles on Saturday at 4:00:05.  Given that I am working on an abbreviated training schedule I was good with that; training for the Eugene marathon I ran my second 16 miler in 3:55:43.  A little disappointed in my shorter runs though; training for Eugene they were almost all in the low to mid 12:00 minute miles and they've been much higher than that this time around.  But Julie and I have been trading off in troubles over the past several weeks -- my back and hip and that cold that turned into a sinus infection, she's been having some breathing issues of late.  Time enough for speeding up next year; we've already started to plan next year's training.  Plus I've been feeling better with these runs, not so sore afterwards or for as long and so forth.  I've been getting smarter about fuel and hydration and even with Saturday's high temps felt great during and after Saturday's run.

Now we're just hoping for good running weather on October 9!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Cue the butterflies! I am reading this with envy since you two are actually training for it! Tonight I'll run ... and it is the only recent run I've had since um, late August!?!? I might be totally screwed!

  2. You do know August was only a couple of weeks ago, right? ;)

  3. Well yes, but I've been a slacker. I turned over a new leaf last night!

    I'm getting excited for Portland, as un-prepared as I'll be. I haven't even figured out what to wear!