Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirteen Things Thursday: On Being a Big Girl

1.  I finally decided I should be an adult and instead of whining how I'm still sick, actually go to the doctor about it.  Technically I am no longer sick, it's become a sinus infection.  Which happens every single time I get a cold.  I went to the allergist on my lunch hour and now have prescriptions for prednisone and antibiotics to get filled after work.  If past practice holds, I'll be feeling a zillion times better by tomorrow morning.  Which is good because I'm supposed to run four miles at o'dark thirty.

2.  I also need to stop whining about my back/hips and go see the chiropractor.  I'm going to ask for the bare bones treatment so hopefully I can keep the cost under $100.  And hopefully one visit will do the trick. 

3.  This wasn't going to be about literally being a big girl, rather about metaphorically being a big girl and doing the stuff I need to do, but then I saw the pictures from the Eugene Women's Half.  *shudder*  I look like I ate one of the runners.  And you know how most people picture themselves as larger than they are?  I do the opposite, so it's not until I see irrefutable photographic evidence that I realize I'm fat.  I think it has a lot to do with my breasts being so gigantic that they make me think my stomach is small and/or relatively flat.  That would be an incorrect perception.

4.  So what am I going to do about it?  I'm still ruminating.

5.  Speaking of a lot ("Alot more dangerous, baby less dangerous"), what the heck happened to Hyperbole and a Half?  I guess we're just supposed to buy the book.

6.  Speaking of boobs, my right breast is larger than my left breast. 

7.  Just thought you should know that.

8.  In case you are wondering how I know this, it's because the underwire on the right side doesn't lay flat and instead pokes me in the arm all day.  It doesn't lay flat because dun dun dun!  the right breast is larger. 

9.  And my left pinky toe is shorter than my right pinky toe.

10.  All stuff you figure out about yourself when waiting for the allergist to come in.  I also have many identical moles in pairs that look like vampire bites.

11.  The long run fun really starts this weekend with a 16 miler.  Yes, 16 miles.  All in a row.  I think we're going to try the Vancouver trail again, which is conveniently eight miles in its entire length.  And if the bathrooms are closed and the water fountains turned off this time, somebody will pay.  Given that it is supposed to get up to 95 degrees on Saturday, that somebody will probably be Julie and me. 

12.  I estimate it will take us at least four hours to run the 16 miles, what with bathroom breaks, water stops, coronary incidents, etc.  It will be around an hour travel time there and back, plus about an hour to eat after the run.  So the bulk of our Saturday will be either spent in a masochistic pursuit or recovering from one.

13.  I never knew I was a masochist until I started running.  Huh.  I thought the outfits would be cooler.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I'm ready for Portland to be over so we can all cut loose and hang out! Maybe we can compare physical oddities at the drag show or something.

    I was in line to get into the expo this weekend in front of a woman whose pink toe crossed completely over the toe next to it. It seemed so uncomfortable or painful. I mean how do you run 13 miles with your toes cris-crossed?

  2. I once saw a woman at the zoo -- not inside any of the exhibits or anything -- who had the weirdest toes. If you're wearing flip flops, look down at your feet. Where the strap hooks to the shoe all the way towards the back of your foot? That's where her pinky toe started. Then her toes progressed from there. It was like someone had diagonally sliced part of her foot away then re-attached the toes at an angle. On both feet. Seriously freaky!