Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly recap and Run Like Hell Portland

The plague!!!  The plague has me!!

I didn't get much running done again this week.  Booooo :(  The past week is an odd blur so I don't remember precisely what was up each day but I know I was definitely not feeling well.  I did my 10K race on Sunday and that was it.  I didn't even really want to do that -- it was cold and rainy and I felt yucky -- but I also didn't want to waste the money.

So, the Run Like Hell Portland.  The race has a 5K, 10K, and half options.  Last year I did the 5K, this year I needed a 10K to complete my 2010 racing goals and the Run Like Hell was it.  The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland.  I was going to do the easy bunny ear thing, but I knew it would be raining and therefore I'd be wearing a hat and have you ever tried to put bunny ears on a ball cap?  My luck they would turn out to have some sort of weird dye in them and once they got wet they'd permanently stain me fuchsia or something. 

It was definitely raining Sunday morning so my mom (down for a visit this past weekend) opted not to come spectate.  Wuss.  Sunday is kind of a blur too -- too many cold meds lately, I guess -- but I think I was wearing a long-short sleeved tech tee and running capris for the race.  The temp was in the mid 50s so since I nearly always have the sleeves on a long sleeve shirt pushed up to my elbows, I figured I'd be just as warm (or cold) in that particular tech tee which has short sleeves that end at my elbows -- hence the long-short sleeved designation.  It stopped raining about 20 minutes into the race, enough to get us wet and soak your shoes pretty good with all the puddles.  Then the sun came out for a while, nice with the warmth and the no rain, not so nice with the blinding glare off the wet streets.  Because who wears sunglasses when it's been raining? 

I ended up being at a good temp during the race, only chilly when we were running by the river with the wind that comes off it.  It wasn't my best race, but I ran at a consistent pace and didn't walk much.  1,141 people finished the 10K race; 780 of those were female, which seems to me a weird skewing.  I finished 1,061st.  My official time was 1:31:39, but that included a three minute wait for a train to go by.  I didn't bother to e-mail the race folks to get my time adjusted.  (My Garmin had 1:28, since I stopped it for the train.)  At the peak of my marathon training, I could do a 10K in 1:15.  Since I've been sick for five weeks now and ran only a dozen times since May I was realistic about how I'd do in this race.  I wanted to finish in 1:30, so I was happy with meeting that goal. 

I haven't set any real running goals for this week yet.  I turn 40 tomorrow, and I'm thinking of running after I get up.  Or not.  I'm very much a "do whatever the hell you want to do on your birthday" kind of person.  So I might blog tomorrow.  Or not.  It will be my birthday, after all :)

the CilleyGirl

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  1. You're so right -- I totally needed to run that one in my dress! I can't imagine running any more than a 5K in it though - it was NOT runner friendly. I was melting under it. Maybe the rainy weather would have been better for me!

    Happy Birthday, tomorrow! :)