Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A slight hitch in my giddyup

The positive, go-get-'em attitude I had when I posted my goals for this week was not enough to overcome the fact that I was still sick.  I'm back at work today -- mostly because my boss would've had kittens if I wasn't -- but still wondering every few minutes whether I'm getting strep throat.  That means that half marathon training will have to start next week lest I really do get strep, although I am hopeful that after copious amounts of rest I can still run on Sunday as planned. 

Being sick did leave me time to wrestle this blog header into submission.  Took me FOREVER to figure out how to get a black background to match the photo.  Yes, I do need to learn how to use Photoshop. 

I wanted to change this blog up to reflect what I am working towards now.  Before it was running when it felt like it would kill me.  Now I want to get my outsides to match my insides, and even get my actual insides to match what I think my insides are.  Does that make sense?  I want to look and feel fabulous.  It's a horrible cliche, but I want my sexy back. 

the CilleyGirl

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