Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings

I used that title because I can't do another post with "I'm alive!" as the header.  Even though I am.  Alive that is.

Lots going on and it's all trying to kill me, these extracurricular activities.  I've downloaded all my wedding/reception photos but haven't launched them into the Cloud yet so none to post here.  Or to send to the bride.  Eventually I will.  Right now it's too hot to use a laptop.  Makes your lap all sweaty and stuff.

I'm back on a massive dose of antibiotics as well as a daily double dose of nasal steroid spray.  Because why swallow your steroids when you can just snort them directly into your bloodstream?  And yes, injecting your steroids would also go directly into your bloodstream but these aren't those kind of steroids.  These are supposed to make your sinuses smaller.  Not your muscles bigger.  Although I guess those kind of steroids also make your balls shrink so maybe I don't fully understand the whole steroid thing.  Luckily I do not have actual balls, merely metaphysical ones. 

And they're HUGE.

Anyhow.  Sinuses better but me not so much.  Damn antibiotics make me tired as anything.  Plus I may be having a depressive thing.  I took an extra happy pill today to see if that helped.  Eh, maybe 50-50.  Right now I think the heat is sucking any of the energy I have left after taking the antibiotics.  Yes Kim, I am bitching about the heat already.  Some of us don't have air conditioning in our houses so neener.  And, invite me over ;)

Rock 'n Roll Half is in what, two weeks?  Hahahahahahahahahaha.  Yes, I am still doing it.  Should be fun!  Booked my MCM hotel last week, scored a decent deal at $129 a night.  Thinking about booking it for the whole week -- that was their regular rate and it comes with a kitchenette -- just in case my friend's couch ends up not being available.  Now I just have to start training again...

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I enjoy your RnR laughter ... have you trained at all?? I've TRIED -- and SUCKED!! Running congested is - well, is it even possible? I've tried and it's like I'm gasping for air even more than normal. I'm hoping for free nasal passages by the time the race gets here!

    I empathize -- I have no A/C either and damn, it's already heated up more than I like a few days now!