Thursday, May 16, 2013

Huh? What? Snork? Oh.

Some of you may have noticed that I have no idea what day it is.

I say "may" because nobody has commented on yesterday's post.  Hint, hint.  Which technically should be today's post.  So maybe you're going to comment today, is that it?

Comment whore alert!!

Seriously though, I've been a day off all damn week.  I think even on Monday I thought it was Tuesday.  I'll readily admit to being confused as to what year we're in -- this has to do with my job where I'm often working on a different year's assessments, to the point where I often have to ask myself "Are we in 2013 yet?"  And I also tend to lose track of the date, which is why I have calendars everywhere and a watch that tells me the date and time.  It even tells me the day of the week, which I do need occasionally because damn it, some days it just feels like a Friday.  But my delusions typically do not last this long.  Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. 

There, all better now.

I have discovered a new addiction:  Subscription boxes.  Are you familiar with these things?  You pay a monthly fee and people send you various things in a box.  There's themes and everything.  Beauty, babies, food, pets, fitness.  It's the last one that's got me. 

I used to subscribe to KlutchClub, which is a health and fitness box.  I liked it okay, but with the exception of the Yurbuds which made it all worth it, most of the stuff didn't really blow up my skirt.  A lot of it was vegan and gluten-free which, great!  but that tended to translate into "vegan and gluten-free and chock full o' chemicals as a result."  I prefer actual food, thankyouverymuch. 

Today I decided to go looking for subscription boxes.  I knew about Kona Kase from my friend Kim, but wondered what else was out there.  Plenty, as I mentioned above.  I narrowed it down to four:  Kona Kase, Bulu Box, StrideBox, and Runnerbox.  (I could link all of those but it's not like I'd get paid for it and you all know how to Google so knock yourselves out.)  I decided to go with StrideBox and the Bulu Box weight-loss edition, the latter of which I'm thinking I'll end up doing for a couple of months and then cancel as I'm wary of weight loss supplements but am still curious about what they offer. 

I had just finished subscribing to those two, thinking I'd see what they had to offer and then maybe sign up with Kona Kase later, when I'm reading Kim's blog mere minutes later and she's there pushing Kona Kase.  A  Kona Kase Krack Kusher!  (no, that's not getting old)  Long story short, I harrassed thanked Kim for the Kona Kase discount kode and signed up for yet another box.  I had thought I might as well go sign up for the Runnerbox too, but turns out that they charge for shipping -- none of these others do -- so they're not getting my business.  At least not for now. 

I should be getting all kinds of goodies in June.  Hopefully I will like and use them all.  If not, I'm thinking us local runners should get together and have a swap party of whatever we don't like out of boxes.  And all that sounds way dirtier than I ever would've thought. 

There should also be tequila.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Tequilabox. Sign me up.

    We must pick apart the June Kona Kase box. See if we like the same stuff and dislike the same stuff.

    Note: the last two months had Soyjoy bars. **dislike** **alot**

    I didn't mean to be a Kusher this morning, but you don't care, I know.