Friday, May 17, 2013

Because sometimes you just gotta say, "Why yes, I'll have that pink tequila that comes in a bottle shaped like a giant penis."

Isn't it beautiful?  Yes, the bottle is actually slightly lopsided.  This is Asombroso 100% agave tequila, La Rosa Respodo.  Three months Bordeaux barrel rested.  I have no idea what that means either.  Hand bottled in a limited edition bottle, no. 9,406.  It was just sitting there on a shelf by itself in the liquor store, a little dusty but I just HAD TO HAVE IT. 

My precious!

Taste testing starts around 4:30 in the conference room.  Be there or be thirsty!

the CilleyGirl

edited to give you a link to a MUCH better picture of the penis bottle

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  1. Who would not want to chugg out of that!!!