Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Normally I'd say I'm still alive but it's a little iffy at the moment...

My last post here was April 2 where I had just missed out on the Hop Hop Half and was mostly over the plague I caught right after Shamrock.  I was finally getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to the Fruit Fly's April 14 Vegas wedding where I was to be a bridesmaid.  Had only a touch of a cough when I boarded the plane on Friday for Vegas....

... and promptly got knocked on my ass by first a massive allergy attack brought on by the dry air/smoke/whatever the hell those scents are they pump into the casinos and then by a series of asthma attacks.  Yes, seems I have developed full blown asthma. 

Remember how at Shamrock I had an asthma attack during the race?  About a year or so after I started running I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma.  It's pretty much just what it sounds like, physical activity triggers asthma.  It tends to be particularly triggered by exercise during cold weather.  I've had an inhaler since I was diagnosed and if it were cold out I would take a hit or two prior to running and be fine.  A few months ago my allergist suggested I add Singulair in there as well, which is an asthma med in a pill form that works not to immediately treat the symptoms of an asthma attack but rather help prevent them from happening in the first place.  It's often used when the sufferer also has allergies; I was prescribed Singulair after my last scratch test. 

Also remember how when I got sick last month I was coughing so hard I would vomit?  And also how I said the cough suppressant meds stopped working on day two of being sick?  Apparently that's a sign it's not really a cough cough, but asthma.  While in Vegas, hacking up my lungs and -- bonus!! -- constantly wetting my pants, not like a little leakage but like I might as well have been on the toilet peeing, I came across this article -- I have everything she talks about in there.  Until I read that I had been thinking that my cough was merely a result of post-nasal drip as a consequence of allergies.  Of course I hadn't brought my asthma inhaler with me to Vegas because I hadn't been planning on running.  Dancing down the aisle, yes; running, no.  It also wasn't going to be anything resembling cold in Vegas either.

So, long story short:  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun.  We danced down the aisle to our places.  The minister said some amazing things.  I started to cough in the middle of it all; thankfully the bride was too busy to notice!  (And the mother of the bride knew that I was worried about coughing during the ceremony and told me that if I had to cough to just let it rip -- I love her!!)  And two of the people I care about most in the world are now married. 

Unfortunately, outside of the actual wedding I had a pretty miserable time of it in Vegas because of the whole coughing and peeing thing.  I finally had to buy some major maxi pads so that I could quit washing out my clothes every evening.  I went through so many cough drops -- which didn't really work, because ASTHMA -- I burnt my tongue and couldn't taste my food.  I went to see Cirque du Soleil's KA and had three massive coughing fits and probably peed through to the seat.  I went back to my hotel room to change into post-wedding festivity clothes and had coughing fits where I couldn't manage to draw in the breath to cough (which is incredibly scary when you're all by yourself in another city, I almost decided to go to the ER) so I couldn't celebrate with my friends.  I've promised RR that I will dance my ass off at the wedding reception next weekend to make up for it. 

I should add that of course there were some fabulous memories despite my lungs.  I learned how to lap dance (hello kitty!) and pole dance.  I learned you shouldn't do either of those barefoot or you will get a gigantic blister on your pinky toe.  I had an amazing lobster dinner while I people-watched in the Caesar's Forum Shops.  Our dance down the aisle, which unbeknownst to anyone I had choreographed my little part complete with props.  The ceremony -- if I ever get married, I totally want that minister.  RR's dress was gorgeous and she was gorgeous in it.  My view of the strip from my hotel room.  KA

I checked out of my hotel room on Monday right around noon.  I had about two hours to kill before my airport shuttle so I found a nice comfy chair outside a little food court area where I could read a book and watch TV.  I checked my facebook feed and started seeing people asking about Boston, then the report broke into ESPN on the TV about the bombing.  Unbelievable.  My heart goes out to those involved.  I can just imagine how massive security will now be at MCM this October.  I'm too sick to run for Boston today with everyone else, but I'm with them in spirit.

I'll get some Vegas pics up in the next few days.  I go to the doctor tomorrow to beg for something like Cipro.  Did I mention I have a major sinus infection underneath all of this?

the CilleyGirl


  1. Yikes! I'm so sorry you had a bad time of it! Being sick away from home sucks. It's even worse when you're missing out on fun or worried about being a problem for other people. I hope you and the doctor can figure out the best treatment and you can get back to normal activity.

  2. Dang. What a bummer. I'm so glad you got to share in RR's day and that your asthma/diseases didn't keep you from the wedding.

    Get better, good grief!

  3. I had no idea about the maxi pad! That sucks!! BUT you had most fabulous dance skills going down the aisle. I watch the video all the time and feel so lucky that you all cooperated it was all just perfect! And you're right - I was so focused on that man I was marrying, you could have collapsed from coughing and I wouldn't have even noticed.