Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirteen Things Thursday: The Nipple Edition

1.  One of the phrases I never thought I'd have to say is "Get off my nipples!"  But I say it a lot at home these days.  Girl kitty practically inverted my nipple last night as she walked across me.  I swear, they have nipple radar.  It's not even the claws, it's just that they are big kitties.  I need to start wearing a cup or something, but for boobs.

2.  Been back reading a lot of woo-woo books these days.  Just finished Heather Graham's Bone Island trilogy (although haven't read the prequel with Bartholomew yet) and one of her Krewe books, plus I'm listening to one of Kay Hooper's Bishop/Special Crimes Unit books in my car.  Of the two I'd recommend the Bishop books over the Krewe books, mainly because I find the main romantic relationship in the Krewe books to be somewhat formulaic, but both series are really good.  I'm also catching up on the latest three Nightside books by Simon R. Green, which are just bizarre but a lot of fun.  Definitely read that series in order.

3.  I am sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly moving back towards a paleo diet.  Like a turtle in peanut almond butter slow, but still.  I've put a hold in at the library for The Paleo Coach, which is written by a local man.  Has anyone read it?

4.  Do you think we would take the Pussy Riot situation a lot more seriously if they weren't, you know, named Pussy Riot?  I find it very distracting.  Maybe it's something completely different in Russian?

5.  I've been somewhat obsessively weighing myself the past several days because my weight just kept going up.  To the point where I thought I had developed some sort of medical condition.  It started going back down today.  Maybe the kittens were standing behind me putting their paws on the scale just to mess with me or something.

6.  I was thinking about going to see The Hangover III this weekend but the reviews are kinda lousy.  Maybe I should wait until it comes out on cable (or RR buys it and brings it to my house!).

7.  Any Sookie fans out there?  I just posted a note for Charlaine Harris about how much I have enjoyed the series and that in my opinion the ending was really the only possible one -- and anyone who has read the entire series should know that.  Did you like the ending?  I do have to say, I am looking forward to the wrap-up book that is coming out this fall, that is supposed to say how everything ended up for everyone in the Sookieverse.

8.  And speaking even more about books, I love that my library system lends e-books.  Hopefully I can get my book budget back under control; it's gone a little crazy with the instant gratification of Kindle.  I do still read paper books too; in fact, was thrilled to spot a new release on the library shelve this week that I've been constantly talking myself out of buying.  I try not to spend more than $7.99 for an e-book unless it's one of about five authors, and that book didn't qualify but I still really wanted to read it.  Now I can -- for free!

9.  I was also absolutely thrilled this week to pay nothing for my birth control pills.   This benefit, thanks to the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, had kicked in for a lot of women I know but my plan had to go through its annual renewal this year before I saw it.  Saves me $180 a year.  Clearly, affordable health care is the devil -- ask your Republican congressperson to vote to repeal this actual, not-going-anywhere law, for the 38th time.  Or don't; maybe ask them instead to get off their damn asses and do some actual work for a change?  Voting 37 times to repeal the ACA.  This is your tax dollars at work, people.  Be informed!!

10.  Ah, spring time in the Pacific Northwest.  Which means weather like today -- pouring rain and grey skies.  There used to be this great series of radio commercials where a teacher asked her class to define the difference between something like a cloudburst and a gully washer.  Something that if you grew up here you know exactly what the differences are.  Kind of like partially sunny versus partially cloudy.  Also, everybody in Portland figured that it would rain right now because (a) it's almost Memorial Day weekend and (b) Rose Festival starts up soon.  Guaranteed liquid sunshine!

11.  Not sure if I would want to be climbing Mt. Everest at age 80.  I wouldn't climb it at all actually, acrophobic and all that, but even if I wasn't afraid of heights I don't think I'd try Everest at that age.  I'd love to be able, at that age, to climb Everest.  I just wouldn't do it.

12.  Hmm, a Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is opening this summer near me.  Anyone ever been to one of these stores?  Curious about selection and prices...

13.  I may need sushi to make it all better.  Because, it does.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I'm not the biggest fan of Paleo. I did it for a while, starting off with a 30-day strict Paleo deprivation marathon. I think it has some good benefits. Cutting sugar and alcohol down (or out entirely) as well as lowering your carb intake does work to lose weight. I just think some paleo followers take it to an extreme. It's also not the very best diet for endurance training. On the other hand, if you don't get crazy about it, but you use it as a template to cut down on sugar and booze and just eat better food overall, it is probably much healthier than the way the majority of people eat these days.

    1. I do worry about paleo versus distance running. Mostly I want to cut out grains rather than say all potatoes and being aware of how much sugar I am consuming (it's in EVERYTHING) is also a good thing. Mostly I want to focus on fruits and vegetables and meats and seafoods, REAL food.

  2. I'm still hurting over #1. I read that and my mind just couldn't get out of that zone. OUCH!! Right now nobody can get near mine - not even myself. Not even my towel or a t-shirt. But getting walked on? I'd scream and then cry.