Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whole30 Challenge - Day 3

Hello, and welcome to Day 3.

I am still on track, both in my eating and my feeling.  Well into the hangover period, although it's not too bad.  Had enough of a headache this morning to send me to the Whole30 forums to confirm that Tylenol was okay to take.  Answer:  Acetaminophen and aspirin, yes.  NSAIDS like ibuprofen, no.  Still feeling tired but it's still more of a mentally tired rather than physical.  I went to bed past 11 last night, which I almost never do on a weeknight, and woke up naturally right around 7:00 a.m., all ready to go (except for the headache). 

Oh, and guess what?  I?  Can freaking BREATHE now.  Almost like a normal person.  Yesterday evening I suddenly noticed that I wasn't sniffling and my headache didn't feel all swollen like an overfilled water balloon.  For me, particularly in light of the past year, this is AMAZING.  I started getting sniffly this afternoon after being in a warehouse full of -- get this -- wheat flour.  Among other things.  I had been telling my client about doing Whole30 and we were joking about how there was maybe one thing (like macadami nuts) that I could eat right now in this entire huge warehouse, and I started to snorfle.  Still feeling a bit wheezy two hours later.  It wasn't like the flour was just lying around either, it was all bagged up on pallets and such.  But a similar reaction to one I had a few weeks ago in a building that makes closet doors; all the sawdust was bagged up and they had excellent ventilation but after just a few minutes I was snuffly and wheezing.  Very weird.

By the way, I had NO inclination to have bread while we were there, even in the test kitchen which had some nice looking loaves of cinnamon swirl bread.  Never really all that in to bread. 

I'm fully expecting to dream about condiments soon, though.  Teriyaki, ketchup, cocktail sauce, ranch dressing, bleu cheese dressing, honey mustard.....   In other words, sugar!

I've got to make another trip to the grocery store tonight.  This is getting to be even too much grocery shopping for me!  But I need to find more quick items to get me through to the weekend.  At which time I need to figure out exactly what my tastebuds are telling me I want -- other than sugar -- to make that.  So far, haven't been wholly excited by the new meals I've put together.  I need to rectify that. 

How are your new year goals progressing? 

the CilleyGirl

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