Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whole30 Challenge: Day 2

Hello, and welcome to Day 2.

This timeline advises on what to expect during the Whole30.  I'm right on track:  I have a lack of energy and a low level headache.  And I seem to be developing an oral fixation and an obsession with sugar.  So that's fun. 

The oral thing, I don't know why but I want to chew gum or a mint.  And I rarely chew gum.  I think it's the lack of satisfaction with what I am drinking.  Namely, no soda.  I usually have no problem drinking gallons of water, but on top of tea with no sugar it's just not getting the job done. 

Getting caffeine into my system has been easier than I had hoped.  I knew I could drink green tea with no sweetener but I was happy to learn today that I can also drink black tea.  Right now I am drinking Mandarin Orange Spice black tea -- no caffeine, I know, but I am hopeful that the scent will trick my mouth into happiness without sugar.

It's weird to be obsessing on sugar.  Before this I would have said -- and I have said here -- that I don't eat much sugar.  I was thinking the obvious forms of it:  actual sugar plus desserts.  The kind that run up to you and show you their sugar knickers.  Now I'm realizing that I was consuming a lot of sugar in other ways, primarily in condiments.  Like ketchup.  What I wouldn't have given for cocktail sauce this morning with my jumbo shrimp (my favorite oxymoron, second only to "military intelligence"). 

Speaking of seafood, have you ever tried to find pickles made without sugar?  Nearly impossible.  I think it is impossible if you want sweet or bread 'n butter pickles (which I do).  After much label reading at New Seasons last night I finally found dill pickles made without sugar.  Haven't tried them yet, but they are slated to go into some homemade tartar sauce.  I found the Cuisinart food processor I've been dreaming of at the outlet stores at the beach, about $50 less than regular price.  I haven't busted it out of the box yet but I will soon.

Last night I did more grocery shopping which took forever -- reading labels is time consuming! -- so I was gnawing at my own arm by the time I was heading home, I was so hungry.  And you know where you can stop to pick up a bite to eat on Whole30?  Nowhere!  I ended up creating a concoction of sea scallops and mushrooms sauteed in ghee, garlic, and proscuitto.  The mushroom nectar nicely deglazed the pan to make this utterly delectable sauce.  Typically it would have been something that would have been for two nights' dinner, served with a salad and other sides, but I ate the whole damn thing in one sitting.  So very yummy!  I'd post a picture but Blogger is being bitchy and won't let me. 

The ghee was a surprise.  I think I could've eaten it straight out of the jar with a spoon.  I foresee going through a few jars of that in the next 30 days. 

Tonight I have my first hot stone massage and I am looking forward to it.  I had a helluva time opening a jar of minced garlic a couple of days ago and managed to strain my shoulder as a consequence.  It figures.

Tune in again Thursday when I will want to KILL ALL THE THINGS.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I hear you on the cravings. When I did Whole 30, I was desperate for a Twinkie. I haven't had a Twinkie since I counted my age in single digits. It's nuts!
    If you have high-end gourmet type grocery stores in your area, like Whole Foods or Gelson's, you might be able to find ketchup and pickles and pre-made items without sugar. I even saw HFCS free ketchup at Sur La Table. It was like nine bucks for a small bottle, so you have to decide if the cost and search are worth it
    Good luck!

  2. Oral fixation ... leave it to me to focus on that part and giggle.

    I can't believe your will power!!!!