Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whole30 Challenge: Day 11

Hello, and welcome to Day 11.  Which maybe you are thinking should be Day 10, based on my last post.  Seems I can't count.

And since it's also Thursday, you know what that means...

1.  Day 11 and still on the Whole30.  My mouth seems to be a bit bored beverage-wise.  I got some new tea, didn't help.  Right now I'm sipping cranberry juice with club soda.  Better.

2.  Yesterday morning I juiced two limes, added EVOO, minced garlic, and powdered ginger and poured that over chicken thighs.  Yesterday evening I doused them liberally with Penzey's Sunny Paris seasonings and grilled them.  Yum!  I love chicken thighs.  They could've used a bit of salt though...

3.  I swear, if I hear one more congressman (male or female, "congresspersons" is awkward) demonstrate how they fundamentally do not understand the debt ceiling, I will scream.  You would think that of all Americans that congressmen would not need a lesson in Civics 101.  You would be frustratingly mistaken. 

4.  To make myself feel better, I watched the "Shutdown" episode of The West Wing last night.  Did you know it's streaming on Netflix now?  I'm so excited to re-watch the series.  We need more TV like that.

5.  I had planned to watch this season's The Biggest Loser, but five minutes was all I could take.  It used to be inspiring.  Now it's screaming and vomit.  And I've listened to several of Jillian's podcasts during the off season (while they were filming) and I get where they are all coming from.  But I really do not want to watch it.

6.  I'm also going to scream if I hear one more person imply or just outright say that any law involving the Second Amendment is unconstitutional.  There are already lots of gun laws.  No constitutional right is absolute, without limits.  That is the very antithesis of society, meaning that there are circumstances under which the good of the many will outweigh the rights of the individual.  The classic you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre limitation on freedom of speech is one.   By the way, explain to me how requiring background checks on purchasing guns in the future will affect the guns that you have now.  Are these people planning to buy future arsenals?

7.  And let me just add that executive orders are a valid exercise of constitutional power.  It cracks me up that when someone says that they are not almost always follow it up with something along the lines of laws must come from congress because we elected congress and only they represent the people.  Did you not notice the VOTE FOR PRESIDENT HERE part on your ballot?  Something like 100,000 people elected the Speaker of the House.  55% of the entire country elected the President.  Are they not teaching math in schools anymore?

8.  Okay, I'm done.  Wow, I haven't used my political science degree this much in years.  It's fun in that stick a screwdriver in my ear kind of way.

9.  I had more but I decided to delete it. 

10.  I am eating an awful lot of chicken sausage on this diet.  I don't have a problem with that.  Should I have a problem with that? 

11.  I need a minion. 

12.  Somehow "kweneng, botswana" ended up in my Google search bar.  I didn't search for those.  But "Botswana" is really fun to say.  Botswana!

13.  Admirable that he got himself out of debt but the guy is kind of an asshat

Happy Thursday!

the CilleyGirl

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