Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday - The *Le sigh* Edition

1.  Why do migraines show up when the weather is nice and sunny and bright?  Ugh.

2.  I've made the decision to defer my Marine Corps Marathon entry to 2013.  There were several factors going in to this.

3.  First, pretty sure I've reinjured my right leg again.  As in, a developing stress fracture.  I thought it was a deep muscle strain but in retrospect that's what I originally thought the last time.  Right before the (literally) bone-deep screaming pain that kicked in a week or so later.  I'm not quite to that point but I think one more long run would start me down that path.  And I'd rather not.

4.  I could probably cut way back on training and still manage to finish a marathon distance without a total fracture.  But I couldn't do that and make the MCM cutoff.  I would hate to spend all that time and training and money only to get swept. 

5.  And speaking of money, between moving and the new kitties (and their vet bills, times two) I ended up with only about half of the money set aside that I had hoped for for this trip.  It would seriously detract from my enjoyment of the trip if I was constantly stressed about money the entire time.  I just can't eat Taco Bell that many times in a row.  Plus the trip would have wiped out my savings and then some, and I like having some money set aside for unexpected expenses. 

6.  Last but not least, I had also chipped away at the vacation time I'd set aside for this trip by being sick.  Instead of two full weeks like I had originally planned I was down to one.  Not nearly enough time for what I wanted to do and see.   Plus it would have wiped out all my remaining vacation time for 2012.

7.  The plan for 2013 is to do it right this time.  Build the base miles before I start actual marathon training.  Yes, I said that last time too.  But try, try again.  For now I'm going to take four to six weeks off running completely.  Let my leg heal.  Save money and stash vacation time. 

8.  I do think it's kind of nifty that 2013's race will be actually on my birthday.  The symmetry appeals to me.  I may plan next year's trip where I am there for the week before the race, up in New York and New England.  Give me time to acclimate to the time zone.  Then spend the post-race week in D.C. with lots of walking for recovery. 

9.   Now I need to plan what I will be doing for my birthday this year.   Maybe the beach for a couple of days.  I love the stormy season.

10.  I am looking forward to fall officially starting.  Particularly since I have a fireplace in the new place. 

11.  There is also maybe going to be a destination wedding in my near-ish future.  (If I'm special enough.)  Postponing MCM until 2013 leaves a bit of money in the (metaphorical) kitty for that.   As long as it's not in the Bahamas.  West Coast is better.

12.  I will also have a cushion for any sick or mental health days I might need to take through the end of the year. 

13.  I won't know what to do with myself if I don't have to get up for a weekend long run.  Hmm, maybe I'll..... sleep.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Aw, sounds like you've thought this through. Another year to plan and look forward to it. The planning is fun too.

  2. Destination Wedding?? Ooh, Ooh, Can I come??????

    Defering sounds like the best option. Better to feel your best while you are there running toward those hot Marines!

    I can't wait to hear how the kittys like the fire place. Tinker Bell LOVES heat. She hogs the heaters all the time!