Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday: The Decapitation Edition

1.  People don't really need a head, do they?  I'd really like to cut mine off...

2.  I was back at the allergist this morning.  The main reason was to do an updated scratch test, but the first round of antibiotics/prednisone didn't completely knock out my sinus infection so that was a priority.  I've got another round of drugs to start tonight.  On the scratch test, like a good little blogger I took pictures.

3.  This is the start of the test.  They poke your arm with 40 samples of allergens.  Far right column is all trees, next column is grasses, dust mites, dog and cat, and wheat, eggs, and milk, and the control spot with histamine.  Next column is weeds.  Last column is molds.  Yummy!  Then you sit and marinate for about 15 minutes and then...

4.  ....your arm may or may not start to look like this.  I think for everyone there is a slight reaction to the pokes, in fact my arm still has little red dots all over it, but what they are looking for are the big red ones.  The really huge one on the far right is birch.  Good thing I moved across the street from a gigantic stand of birch trees, right?  On the far left you can see two dots where the top one is white, that was a secondary test where I get injected under the skin with histamine (the white dot) and with respiratory bacteria.  More yummy!  I had a reaction to that too, it's still really sore and swollen. 

5.  I learned about how allergy shots work.  Basically, they make a vial out of all the crap that you are allergic to and then inject you with it.  It's in small enough amounts that it doesn't (shouldn't) cause an allergic reaction but it occupies your immune system so that when you are exposed to a known allergen (like birch pollen) your system is too busy to have a histamine response.  Kind of nifty.  Except for the part where they are injecting you with DUST MITES and stuff.

6.  We have a wedding date!  And this Saturday I get to try on bridesmaids dresses.  Yay!  I think we are all hoping that we can find some comfy shoes that also look awesome. 

7.  If you are in the Pacific Northwest and hearing about the Wenatchee complex fire, my parents' ranch is smack in the middle of all of that.  They evacuated and are waiting to hear when they can go back home.  It's been fun.

8.  This sinus infection is putting all sorts of pressure on my ear which in turn has left me crazy dizzy and nauseous on an almost constant basis.  Again I ask, do I really need my head?  Pretty sure the answer is no.

9.  Still working on this crap legal project.  It's even crappier when I just feel like yakking instead.  Lately I am always aware of the location of horking receptacles like trash cans.  Vases.  Purses.  Hats.  Whatever.

10.  Yak yak yak.

11.  Legal research in general isn't so bad and it's somewhat of a nice break from the regular routine.  But this is more of a "nobody's asked this question before" issue which makes the research and arguments all highly conceptual.  And as you know, I have decapitated my head.  Which makes the thinking hard.

12.  Is "decapitated my head" redundant? 

13.  Gah, yet more evacuation notices for the Wenatchee complex fire.  It's spreading like, well, wildfire.  Very appreciative of all of the firefighters who have come to help out.

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