Monday, May 28, 2012

Help me decide!

As I mentioned, I am looking for a new place to live.  I've got 72 hours to decide on one versus another versus keep on looking. 

Contestant No. 1:  HUGE and so pretty!!

This 1,275 square foot space is a two bedroom, two bath with a loft. 

It has huge bedrooms plus a big bonus space with the loft.  Seventeen foot floor to ceiling windows in the living area.  The kitchen has granite countertops with a built in microwave, nice new fridge (short of a Subzero, this is my dream fridge), and a large built-in pantry.  All the cabinetry in the apartment is maple.  Tons of closet space; each bedroom has two closets plus there is a large linen closet in the master bedroom.   It has a wood burning fireplace and a full size washer and dryer.  Lots and lots of windows so it is very light and bright.  I can paint any room I want.  The property has a seasonal heated pool (complete with a pair of ducks), year round hot tub, and a very nice 24 hour gym space with high end treadmills with TVs and about a dozen weight machines.  There is an onsite massage therapist.   This has a reputation for being one of the highest end communities in the area. 

Those are all the pros.

For cons, no garage and no dedicated parking is included in the rent.  There seems to be adequate parking for the most part, however, and they may go to assigned spaces within about six months or so.  There are a lot of units at this property - 240 total - so on the parking lot side of things it does feel a bit crowded (luckily that's not translated to being inside the unit).  The rent and water/sewer/garbage charges have this at the tippy top end of my budget, so it would take a while to add any furnishings like an actual guest bed.  With the big ceilings, electricity could be high in the winter; it was very temperate inside the unit today though, and there wasn't any heat on.   I can have dogs or cats, two pets total, but they do charge pet rent, $30/month per cat.  They only have one centralized location for garbage so I'd have to walk a small distance to toss my garbage. 

This one is available at the end of June.

Contestant No. 2:   Spacious and secluded.

This is a 1,043 square foot space with two bedrooms, two baths, and a full size garage.

The layout flows really well.  The dining room is a somewhat separate space which is nice.  There is good counter space and cabinets plus some extra space in with the closet directly across the kitchen.  There is a wood burning fireplace and a full size washer and dryer.  There is also a big garage, it's not attached but it adds a lot of extra storage space.  It also gives a dedicated parking space outside the garage.  The balcony is covered.   The property has a seasonal heated pool and a year round hot tub.  The property on the whole is a smaller community than Contestant No. 1, which makes it feel spacious as you drive through.  It is about $100-$120 overall per month less than Contestant No. 1, depending on utilities (I'm estimating high, I hope), although I'd want to get a separate gym membership which would be at least $30/month -- there is a 24 Hour Fitness sport club within five minutes up the street.  I can have up to two cats, with no monthly pet rent.

Those are the pros. 

Cons:  The finishes are solid but average.  I'd likely need to keep my pantry cabinet for extra storage.  A microwave would take up part of the counter space.  The fridge isn't much better than what I have now, and a better fridge was high on my wish list for a new place.  There's no linen closet space so I'd have to work that out.  No dogs are allowed at this property, so if I did decide to get a dog I couldn't have one here.  Lastly, there aren't any of these units available now; I'm first on the waiting list but I have no idea when one would come available. 


I could keep looking, while waiting on the second property.  But I wonder how many more properties are in the area in which I want to be that have what I am looking for. 

Despite the lack of an assigned parking space, I love love love the first property.  I looked at this about 12 years ago and loved it then.  The parking situation is mildly concerning; I'm going to drive through after work tomorrow night to see what parking is like.  It may sound funny but the fridge is a big selling point for me.  I have almost no crisper space for fresh veggies now, and it's pretty much the same situation at the second place.  The first place is almost too much space though; I'd need to have lots and lots of running friends (and non-running friends) come stay with me on weekends to make it worthwhile.  Commute times and the immediate surroundings are almost identical for each property.  The first one is about two steps closer to Julie's house, which she'll like; she can also come have slumber parties with me this summer when the overload of testosterone gets too great.  I could furnish the guest room through craigslist; I do have some savings I'm building up for my MCM trip; I could spare a few dollars from that.  The living room space is big enough that I could get a recliner in addition to a couch; again, I'd have to save up for that but I am looking for a long term space.

And reading all of that, I guess my question to you is:  Am I nuts in going for the luxury apartment?  I am already approved, I just have to put a deposit down by Thursday.  I'd appreciate your thoughts!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Oooooh, the light in that first one would seal the deal for me. So pretty. I am a light freak. And a great fridge is nothing to sneeze at. Plus lots of storage. Plus... ducks! If it isn't going to stretch you financially too badly I think the first one. You seem to definitely like it the best.

  2. #1. You know you will be there for a long time.

  3. oooo #1 !!!!! No question asked. Especially if you have always wanted to live there .. you will for a long time to come and be SO happy! Those walls and windows are freaking fantabulous!!!!!! Not to mention the possibility of a puppy!

  4. Loft!!

    Not much else to say.

    (except that the promised slumber parties sound great!)

  5. I vote #1 because it is just obvious that's what you want. You have to go with your gut!

    And then I'm just really excited to visit and have fires in the winter while eating the fresh produce from the big fridge as we talk about ... um... wieners?