Monday, February 13, 2012

Trial is such a trial.

I've been in trial all day and wow what a drag.  I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something for several days now.  For trial I had to get up about an hour early.  I had planned to eat some krab on the ride to the courthouse, but my boss decided he wanted me to drive.  His brand new Jag.  So, no morning eats for me, but my driving freaked him out and that made up for it.  For lunch we went to a particular restaurant that is across the street from the courthouse so not only limited in what I could have for lunch -- and I had to have something that wasn't a salad, I would've just felt sicker -- plus I had to wolf it in 15 minutes.  Which for a sandwich maybe not so bad, for fish 'n chips roughly the temp of the sun it was not fun. 

So my day is all day sitting on my ass being somewhat bored out of my mind.  And in trial you kind of have to pretend that you have no physical or mental needs so I had to block out how sick I felt, plus being hungry, thirsty, etc.  Ten hours of this plus very little food that I didn't get to taste, and by the time we were back in PDX and I was headed home, I made the decision to go to Arby's.  Not because I felt like I deserved it or any of the usual BS we tell ourselves.  But because I wanted to eat something tasty that would make me feel good for a few seconds, even though I know my stomach will hate me and I probably just consumed the daily required allowance of sodium for five people. 

Almost forgot to add that I also feel like I broke or dislocated something in my right (dominant) hand.  Yay.

Once I regain consciousness, I'll regret it.  Right now, my tummy is full, my tastebuds are happy.  If I don't do this again for several months, that would be good.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Your poor hand!

    I wish my tummy was full. I'm jealous!

  2. I have those kind of "arby's" days too...and I pay for it dearly...for days. Hope your hand is feeling better!