Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am a total badass

I ran three miles this morning in the wind/rain/snow/hail.  What did YOU do?  ;)

The RunOregon blog ran a blurb this week about a training club here in Portland, Runner Chicks.  As the name implies, there is an abundance of X chromosomes.  Usually I -- forgive the pun -- run the other way from clubs like this, particularly if they're all female.   I've found that they are typically comprised almost completely of fastholes, and the female ones are fasthole bitches which is even worse.  So I signed up almost instantly once I read about a few of the pacers, who are almost all at my speed.  A group that purports to be a supportive running environment that actually IS?  Woo hoo!

Today was the first meeting/workout/come on down and check us out.  I talked Julie into coming along with me as a three mile run was planned for the first workout and that's what we had been talking about doing today anyhow.  And ever since my low back audibly snapped into place a few days ago, leaving me with almost zero back pain for the first time in what has to be at least a year, I was feeling fairly good physically.  I had a persistent cramp in my shin that finally worked itself out after two miles and then I was off.  It was a combination of hitting that "this is what running is supposed to feel like" spot on top of it started to hail/snow and then the rain really came down.  In other words, speeding up a bit seemed like a really excellent idea.  I ended up running the last half mile or so with one of the pacers who was extremely personable.  I think this club is going to be fabulous; although I'm sad that Julie probably won't be doing it with me since she wouldn't be able to do most of the Tuesday night track workouts.  We'll have to work out some other day during the week where we can train together. 

I signed up for the half marathon program, twelve weeks for $80, with a Tuesday track workout and a Saturday long run.  Included in that is a really nice tech tank plus a 10% discount to Road Runner Sports.  We also had the opportunity to sign up for Road Runner's VIP program which gets you a 10% discount.  Typically it's $19.99 to become a VIP; we got to sign up for only $1.99 plus they gave us a $10 coupon for becoming a VIP.  This means I can get 20% plus $10 off my next pair of shoes!  I've been wanting to try their ShoeDog fitting program, particularly since it analyzes your arches as well.  My goal is to have the flattest feet they've ever seen.  I think the odds are in my favor.

The club also gives me something to do.  I've been becoming more and more bored in the evenings since the dogs have been gone.  Since I now have some money, I've been doing things where I end up spending it.  I'd like to cut back on that.  Working out seems like a much better solution.  And my horoscope today concurs:
Now is a great time to start up a health routine.  You may want to eat more fresh fruit, walk an extra mile per day or find some other way to make your life feel that much more spirited and engaged.
So alrighty then.

the CilleyGirl


  1. oooo I want to do it!!!! I have been looking like this for a while now. I have 3 more weeks before I can start running again. :( Can you join anytime? I am doing the RnR but obviously wont be breaking any records :)

  2. Michelle, you should email Kelly at Runner Chicks through the website and see if you can sign up late. I don't think the groups were at capacity yet. It would be great if you could do it!

  3. This sounds really cool!! I'd be totally down for joining you ... if I didn't live 3 hours south. And hip hip hooray for back snapping!!