Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home again here again

Alas, my travels have come to an end.

As did the out of season weather, although it was still distinctly not like a typical February.  I took the long way home, down through Tillamook, so that I could make another stop at Haystack Rock where there were maybe ten people as opposed to the ten hundred that were there on Saturday.

Haystack in all her glory.

The clouds were coming in fast from the south.

The gulls were waiting for the tide to go out farther to reveal dinner.

Um, I like seafood but this is going a tad too far....

The weekend was fabulous and I'll write more on that later.  I did want to note that in terms of my February challenge, I didn't go off the rails so much as just step a foot off the path here and there.  Most notably, with a stuffed crust pizza on Sunday.  While what I am doing for February was definitely doable on a vacation, I found that having to think about my food choices all of the time was cutting into my enjoyment of the weekend.  It wasn't that I wanted gobs of cake and ice cream and loaves of bread, it was that I had to think about how everything was prepared and all the sides.  And the dining choices on the coast in the off season are somewhat limited.  So I had pizza one day, and tater tots another, and fried seafood the next.  At the same time, I didn't eat wheels of pizza or buckets of tots or oceans of fried seafood.  All weekend, I ate modestly.  Overall I think I did pretty good; I'll see what the scale says tomorrow.  And I'm ready to get both feet back on the path now that I'm home.

By the way, I hope you can take the time to check in on my challenge buddy, Violet.  She's doing really great!


  1. Tots. YUMMMMMM!!!!! Makes me want those tots we had on your birthday!

    This looks like such a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful vacation! You more than earned it!