Saturday, May 21, 2011

Those who can't run, coupon!

As I've mentioned before, my new hobby is couponing. 

It takes time and organization but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.  Just like running, it is completely addicting.  Saving 50% or more off your grocery bill?  Awesome!

Of course, all this saving means I have been spending more.  I can't keep doing that.  The spending part, I mean.  The saving, bring it on. 

Actually, in retrospect most of the spending is because I broke two of the cardinal rules of grocery shopping:  (1) Don't shop hungry, and (2) stick to the list.  There were a lot of things that weren't on my list, weren't on sale and for which I didn't have a coupon that I tossed into my cart because I was both hungry and thirsty.  Those impulse buys equated to nearly a third of my total purchases. 

Some of the deals I scored:

If you "like" Walgreens on Facebook you can get a $5.00 off coupon good for Nature's Made calcium (100-130 ct).  I was able to print two, although you can only use one per customer -- I'm going to go back and see if it works again because this was a great deal.  The calcium/magnesium/zinc 120 ct was $5.49, meaning I got this for $0.49.  I've heard some other shoppers finding it on sale for $4.99 making it free.  Can't beat that!

Pedigree canned dog food -- the stuff my dogs threaten to slit my throat for if I don't feed it to them twice a day -- was on sale 10 for $7, making it $0.70 a can.  It's on sale at PetSmart right now for $1.00 a can and regularly $1.10 a can but I have seen this as high as $1.69 per can.  With a combination of coupons I was able to buy 22 cans for $8.80 or $0.40 per can.  Plus this was one of Albertson's summer promo items; each marked item gets you one playing card containing four playing pieces plus a coupon.  The playing pieces go on a board, kind of like McDonald's monopoly game, and if you get all the pieces per prize you get that prize.  Grand prize is $250,000.  I got 22 playing cards just from the dog food.

I also got a different brand of canned dog food at Target.  Between sale prices and coupons, I got 22 cans for $15.25.  Not as good of a deal as at Alberton's but I figure I'm set for canned dog food for close to a year.

I found hair color on clearance at Albertson's.  Three were normally $9.99 and one was normally $8.99.  They were marked down to $6.50 and $5.75, respectively.  I had 3 $2 off coupons plus one $1 off coupon.   Total retail price usually $38.96 and I got them for $18.25 for a savings of 53%.  I'll either give them all to my mom or use one myself. 

At Target, between the sale price and a coupon I got 40 lbs of Pedigree dry dog food for $16.99.  I just checked PetSmart's website and right now you can get a 20 lb bag for $12.99. 

The challenge is a blast.  There are plenty of couponing blogs that do much of the work for you to match up coupons to sales.  I got Nivea lotion for $1.54 down from $4.54.  Sure deodorant for $0.50.  Colgate pro whitening toothpaste plus a toothbrush for $1.24.  Sally Hansen nail polish for $1.14 each.  Four of those big bottles of shampoo -- a good brand too - for $1.84 each after you factor in the $5.00 Target gift card I got for buying them.  In my first two weeks of couponing I've saved $196 and had a lot of fun.  Try it, you might like it!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Couponing is a great new habit! I've tried to get into it, but the most commitment I can have is to clip and save between 10 and 15 dollars every grocery trip. I don't have the patience or commitment to do more, so way to go you!!!

  2. I am so impressed! I did a lot of shopping in Portland, as I do every time I visit, and I didn't use a single coupon. I DID get a FREE Minibon with a little card I had in my Hippie Chick goody bag, so I guess that was one little score! And Biker Boy won a free tote, which I promptly claimed, at Old Navy.