Monday, May 23, 2011

Keeping a'breast of the situation

Hidey ho my Cilley fwends!  I hope your weekend was spectacular.  I loafed and I shopped.  I'm going to have to just say no to shopping until this Saturday.  When I make a Target run.  And buy some soda.

But that is not why I am here!  I was chatting on facebook with a friend who is rather amply endowed in the chestal region.  I found out today that she's had a bit of poundage creep of late and most of it has found a home in her boobies.  Leaving her extremely well endowed on an otherwise tiny frame. 

Her daughter has been helping her do a little running and being me I pointed out that she needs to have (a) good shoes and (b) a good bra.  I wanted to pass along some of my tips to her to you.

Pretty bras:  Pretty bras are hard to find if you are a DD or up.  Usually your color choices are white, beige, or black and your style choices are laughably flimsy to steel-belted industrial grade with nothing in between.  But if you are willing to mortgage your home and/or your first born, Nordstrom's is the place to shop for jumbo bras. 

In most stores, the full-figured bra area is tucked away in the side and there's one rack with the aforementioned blah choices.  If you can call it a choice.  Bland or ugly are your choices.  You're usually looking at a range of sizes from A (mosquito bites) to DD (cantaloupes).  At Nordstrom's the full-figured area is smack dab in the middle AND it's just for the bigger ta-tas.  It starts at DD and goes up into J and K.  I'm somewhat of a tit sling connoisseur and even I'd never seen bras this big before outside of an industrial setting.  In fact, I had problems finding ones SMALL enough for me.

Basically, Nordstrom's has the next step up from the "regular" bras.  Kind of like having the entire juniors department replicated in the plus size department.  Which never happens, right?  But for Nordstrom's it does.  At least for bras.  So you've got all the colors and styles that the teeny titties get.  Just without the five square yards of padding in each cup.  And best of all, prices aren't that bad.  My friend was telling me she was getting hers for $120 at a specialty shop.  I found her one at Nordstrom's online that had been marked down to about $60.  Most are around $80 and a lot are of French or UK manufacture.  People who recognize that the boobs, they are a bigger. 

Sports brasTitle Nine has the best selection I've found of sports bras that actually do what they are supposed to be.  No uniboob.  Unless you're into that kind of thing.  Sports bras with underwire.  Sports bras with clasps -- in the back, only baby boobies get front clasps -- of typically four to five hooks.  Adjustable straps.  Colors!  In the past I've also found larger sports bras at Nordstrom's but Title IX has a much wider selection and they're all tested and rated by women with actual breasts. 

In case you're wondering -- and I know you are -- I wear Moving Comfort's Maia bra.  They advertise it as the 2-in-1 bra and that is exactly what it is.  It is as if you are wearing a regular underwire bra underneath one of those evil one-piece tank bras.  Except without the dislocated shoulder getting it off.  My favorite Title Nine bra is the Last Resort bra.  Looks like a flak jacket, doesn't it?  I've actually tried this one on and I couldn't get myself squished into it in under five minutes.  Too many hooks!  I couldn't commit that much time to my breasts every day so I stick with my Maia.  Lately I've been wearing it as my daily bra, it's just that comfortable.

Now I just have to find a decent swimsuit where I don't become my own flotation device.

the CilleyGirl


  1. This was such a fun post ... even though I fall into the mosquito bites category. I guess I always feel I can't find things because I am an odd size - 36 B if I'm lucky enough to fill that particular B size. Sometimes I think I could almost be 38B. The joys of being large around the ribs, but small in the cups. I can't even shop at Victoria's Secret because I can't fill the stupid things. I think their jumbo padded bras would just look ridiculous on me.

    So for sports bras I have some plain, boring white ones that I picked up at Fred Meyer on sale for about $9 each!

    Must be nice to be one of those "average" sizes that they like to cater to, versus the odd size or busty women! My jaw is still on the floor from reading the prices you posted their. I'm such a kid - I buy $20 t-shirt bras at Sears. It is the only reason I go to that store. Ssh - please don't tell anybody that!

  2. I think an excellent idea for a collaborative blog post would be to compare my bras with yours. We could have various sized fruit and sporting equipment and identify once and for all which cup sizes correspond to which. I've always wanted to find out if cantaloupes would fit.

  3. That is hysterical! I think mine would hold some grapes?