Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can you run 10,000 miles in your lifetime?

I was browsing around the Marine Corps Marathon page this afternoon -- this is my number one destination marathon -- and saw a little link at the bottom from Aetna that asked "Can you run 10,000 miles in your lifetime?"  At first glance, that seems like a lot but then I did the math.  If you ran 500 miles per year for 20 years, you would run 10,000 miles.  If you're one of those crazy people who run 1,000 miles per year (or are one of those people who actually do the miles your marathon training plan calls for ahem), then you'd reach that goal in ten years.  Anyhow, I think 10,000 miles in my lifetime is a pretty cool goal so I think I will put together a sidebar widget that tracks that for me.  Once I figure out how many miles I've actually ran to date.  I think it's something like 20, but whatever.

Yes, I've been a bad, bad CilleyGirl, pulling out long runs without the base miles to back them up.  Shame on me.  And my sore foot is reminding me just why the base miles are important.  I am going to the gym after work today, I swear. 

Back to the Marine Corps Marathon.  As I said, this is my number one destination marathon.  I admit with some reluctance that a large part of that is that it's probably the only marathon that would actually impress my stepdad, but there is a real coolness factor in that actual Marines put your medal on you.  And I found out today that they give an actual award -- the Penguin Award -- to the official last place finisher.  Totally worth aiming for that one.  Oh, and while I would want to run this in under six hours, the course does have a seven hour limit.  I've messaged a friend of mine who lives in D.C. about invading her house next year (2011 is sold out) for this.  We've been friends for about 18 years now online, but have never gotten to meet in person.  I've also never been to D.C. so it would be so great to finally get to meet her, do the marathon, and see D.C.  Plus I have other online friends on the east coast, one in Rhode Island (I've never been there either) and one in New York City (where I have been, but only for about five hours), that I've known just as long and also never had the opportunity to meet in person.  If I could manage the finances, I'd love to be able to spend a week back east, sightseeing with long time friends.  Hmm, Dear Santa....

Almost gym time! 

the CilleyGirl


  1. Call me guilty of going for the long runs and slacking on the base miles as well. Naughty girls we are!

    Marine Corps sounds so cool. Definitely do it, and if you are near the very back, .... you go for that penguin award! An award is an award, right?

  2. ...and I'm a bad boy!