Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've got happy feet

... but a slightly sad soul.  The good news is that the leg is doing great.  Yay!  The bad news is my mom won't be able to come visit this weekend as planned.  Boo! 

Mom phoned this morning that she was at the hospital for suspected appendicitis.  It turned out not to be her appendix, which was good, but she does have colitis.  She'll be doped to the gills for the next several days and just not feeling well in general for about a week so no get-away weekend for us.  I'm hoping I can get a refund on her surprise excursion; I'm a little tired of giving up money these days.  Curse my organized, planning-ahead little self!  We're hoping she'll be able to come down in a couple of weeks.  Since I don't need time off for the Vancouver marathon anymore, I've got plenty of vacation time to use.  (I'm still probably taking this Friday and the Friday of the marathon weekend off though.)

In other news, I did a shopping trip on Sunday and got about $320 worth of groceries for only $160.  It literally pays to pay attention to the sales!  I filled up a whole shopping cart to the brim -- I don't think I've ever purchased that many groceries in my life.  Most of it was sports drinks.  Powerade, Fuse, Propel Fitness Water and Vitamin Water were all on sale 10 for $10, and if you bought ten of any of that combination you got an instant $5 off, making them 50 cents a piece!  I bought ten of each and now have a pantry stocked full of healthy beverages.  My bladder and kidneys seem a little grumpy lately so it's nice to have plenty of electrolyte drinks handy.  I also found the Gatorade G2 powder again; it comes in these great 20 oz serving size pouches.  Saves on space and plastic.  I also scored a great deal on pre-marinated pork tenderloin filets:  at $10.99 each they were buy one get one free, I had two $1 off 1 coupons that I then doubled.  Bottom line:  Two yummy pork tenderloins for $3.50 each. 

Since my mom won't be here this weekend, I'm tentatively planning to go to the gym to try my leg out on a recumbent bike.  Bike riding is not my favorite thing as an adult but the recumbent bikes do circumvent my main complaint -- that the bike seat makes my ass hurt -- so maybe I'll rediscover my childhood love of cycling.  I don't want to lose too much fitness because of the stress fracture.  Swimming will have to wait until I get a swimsuit that I am able to swim in.  All mine are for being in a pool, not for actual swimming.  And it's tough to find one that thoroughly fits the girls.  My mom hates the suit I wear most often, she doesn't like how low cut it is.  I wear it anyway; it's not like I'm doing cleavage on purpose, I swear.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I've been having kidney feeling lately -maybe I should up the electolytes? Ever since my first stone I can feel when I'm dehydrated right away. My kindeys are sure to tell me. I never even knew where they were before the stupid stones.

    I'll be in Portland this weekend instead of your mom. AND my little Lady is coming, too! She has never been to the big city before, but she might just make it to BB's house and maybe Alberta Street to pick up some food. If she wasn't such a bitch toward other girl dogs it would be so fun for our twins to meet! But alas, she feels superior to all other dogs and only enjoys human company.