Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th will be bad... but Saturday the 14th will be worse!

Anyone ever see that movie?  Extremely cheesy but very funny.  Wonder if it's on Netflix?

I've been busy trying to get my boss out of town for a few days.  Of course, his being gone coincided with our last huge deadline until the end of June, so that was fun.  Yesterday involved several phones repeating the same information.  Yes, we filed on that one.  Yes, that one.  We talk about something else, then.... Yes, we filed on that one.   Go away, go play golf and drink tequila and STOP CALLING ME.

But now I've just learned that Blogger went boom yesterday so even if I'd had time to write it would have disappeared into the ether. 

The leg is doing very well, knock on wood.  The aircast is fabulous.  I want to marry the makers of the aircast.  Only one tiny flaw that I have discovered -- which may only be particular to me, who knows -- is that because it holds in the sweat and it is compressing a thick sock to my leg for hours at a time, my skin was starting to slough off.  I took off the cast last night when I got home and scratched my leg and the skin parted under my nails like tissue paper.  It was one of the more fascinatingly gross things I've encountered in a while.  I decided to give it a go without the cast today so that my skin could get a breather (literally).  And so far, so good!  I've been able to get around without any pain.  It's only now at the end of the workday that the muscle over the actual fracture is starting to itch.  I'm going to try the weekend without the cast so long as I am home; I'll wear it when I run errands.  I've heard it is going to start raining again tomorrow; I won't have to worry about coordinating a cast with shorts and sandals. 

In other good news, I can get a partial refund for the Vancouver USA marathon.  Yay!  I have the option of turning it into a credit for next year's race but that's just too far out to plan for me so I will go with the moolah.  Ideally I'll be able to put it towards a new pair of running shoes.

Speaking of moolah, since I can't run my new preoccupation has been couponing.  If you haven't seen the TLC show Extreme Couponers, check it out.  Absolutely fascinating.  My goal is to save enough money to finance a ten day trip back east next fall for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I figure I'll need at least $1,500 to $2,000 to do everything I want to do:  fly to and see D.C., see Rhode Island (and maybe drive up there from D.C.), visit New York City again and spend more than six hours there.  I'd love to tour the White House, see the Smithsonian, see as much as the Atlantic Ocean as I can, hit as many states as I can, eat lobster for a week straight.  And this would be at the end of October so the fall colors will all be out, right?  That would be cool to visit some of those funky New England towns and go leaf peeping.  Maybe I'll even write my congressman and see about a tour of Congress.  The possibilities are endless!

Plus there's also the Marine Corps Marathon.  Actual marines!  Just watch, the Marine who gives me my medal will be a chick.

And if I can really do well at couponing (or just saving money, period) then I can go visit RG in Amsterdam!  Woo hoo!!!!

Happy weekend!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Woohoo!!! Loving that last part!


    Sucks about the leg but glad you are healing with the magic aircast. You have been slogging away for so long with injuries (minor and major) that it's a testament to your physical and mental strength.

    I am glad you are going to rest up and heal. That deserves a medal. Handed to you by a gorgeous Marine (100% male)!

    That marathon and trip sounds pretty awesome actually....well worth any amount of couponing! You deserve it. Make it your long overdue present to yourself.

    Happy healin'


  2. I'm glad you were able to get at least SOMETHING back for Vancouver! Better than just telling you that you can have your tech shirt and nothing more!

    Amsterdam sounds fun - as does DC! I could come along as your assistant? Carrying bags for you?