Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Schedule

At least I think it's Week 3.  I'm laying down on a heating pad on my couch with the laptop balanced somewhat precariously on my pelvis.  Hmmm.  Too bad this thing doesn't vibrate ;)

Let's see, so Week 2 was supposed to look something like this:

Monday - Rest.  Done!
Tuesday - 3.0 miles.  Done!  One of my best training runs to date.  I ran at a 12:07 min/mile.  Yay me!
Wednesday - Rest.  Done!
Thursday or Friday - 3.0 miles.  Nope.  Funny story with that below.
Saturday - Rest.  Done!
Sunday - Shamrock 15K Challenge.  Done!

And on to the funny story.  But not funny ha ha, just funny in a don't do that again kind of way.

Thursday evening I went to pick up two prescriptions from the pharmacy:  Ambien (a sleeping pill) and Atenolol (a blood pressure medication).  The aide tells me that they've changed suppliers with the one and it will probably look different.  So she opens the bottle and taps it out and shows me a white oblong pill.  Doesn't look like my Atenolol, which is usually a white round pill, and tell her I'm glad she shows me because I've got two others that look just like that and I definitely would have wondered.  She says that's why they put these bright green stickers on the bottles where the pills have changed.

I go home and put my Atenolol -- the pills from the bottle with the green stickers -- into my pill wheel for the rest of the week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  Friday I wake up super tired.  I shower, etc., and take my pills for the day.  I remember thinking as I was leaving my bedroom and heading downstairs that I was still so tired, it felt like I was walking through glue.  I'm tired all day, thinking I'm getting sick.  By late afternoon I'm feeling better though.

Saturday I do chores then shower and go to meet Jules for packet pickup for Shamrock.  I didn't manage the time to eat anything so I was a little grumpy and tired.   But we had an early dinner (late afternoon) and I felt a lot better after eating. 

Saturday night I get home and I was tired but kind of wired so I go to take an Ambien so I can get some sleep before the race.  I literally have the pill in between my lips and I'm reaching for a glass of water when I realize.... the Ambien isn't a round white pill.  I spit it out and grab the bottle.  It's not Ambien -- it's Atenolol.  I pull out the bottle with the green stickers and it's the Ambien.  One of the two other oblong pills I take.  I realize for the past two days I've been waking up and taking a sleeping pill.  And then doing things like driving a car. 

No wonder I was perking up in the late afternoon.  You know, eight or so hours after taking A FREAKING AMBIEN.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't take drugs unless you read the damn labels.  I do pay attention what the pills look like and I know which one is which.  I just assumed that when she said the appearance had changed that she meant that it HAD changed and therefore it was the Atenolol. 

In retrospect I guess there is a funny ha ha to the story.  On Monday several oopsies I made at work on Friday while under the influence came to light.  Nothing major, but the second one turned up as I was telling my coworker about the mixup of the pills. 

Moving on, I still need to get my Shamrock recap together.  I'll do it the next time I'm upright and on the laptop.  I'm way behind on reading everyone's blogs too.

Week 3's schedule looks like this:

Monday - Rest.
Tuesday - 3.0 miles. 
Wednesday - Rest.
Thursday - 4.0 miles.
Friday - 3.0 miles.
Saturday - Rest.
Sunday - 7 miles.

We just had a flash of lightning and now a rumble of thunder that's been going on for a good six seconds so I'm going to sign off now to go drug up my dog who doesn't like thunder.  Hey, maybe I'll give her an Ambien!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Ah my! Glad you figure out the medicine. Did you hear in the news, where a bomb squad was called in to diffuse a vibrator?

  2. That is so crazy!! I'm glad you figured it out BEFORE the race!

  3. Mike, no! I'm going to have to go Google that one. I love silly news stories.

  4. Oh.Good.Lord.

    And you still functioned!! wow