Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Schedule

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Week 1 of marathon training blew chunks thanks in large part to a boss that has gone completely off the deep end.  If I don't kill him by the end of the month, we'll both be lucky.

So, here was the schedule and the results for Week 1:

Monday - Rest.  Success!  I always manage the rest days.  Go figure.
Tuesday - 3.0 miles.  Did not do.  I let work get in the way.

Wednesday - Rest.  Success!

Thursday - 4.0 miles.  Did not do.  Again, work.

Friday - 3.0 miles.  And ditto.  Stupid gainful employment.

Saturday - Rest.  Success!  If I could just rest my way to the marathon, I would do awesome.

Sunday - 5.0 miles.  Surprise -- success!  I had a great time doing 6.39 miles of the Terwilliger hills with Jules and Nikki.

Total scheduled mileage:  15.
Total actual mileage:  6.39.

Week 2 is supposed to be the same except that the long run is six miles.  However, the Shamrock 15K is on Sunday -- 9.3 miles for you playing the American version of the home game.  I don't think I should go from 6.39 miles to 19.3 miles in one week.  It seems just a tad over the 10% rule, n'est-ce pas?  Here's what I plan instead:

Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - 3.0 miles.  Done! 
Wednesday - Rest.
Thursday or Friday - 3.0 miles.  At this rate, I'm going to be at the office all night so it's dealer's choice.
Saturday - Rest.
Sunday - 9.3 miles, aka the Shamrock 15K.

Total scheduled mileage:  12.3.  That looks better.

I did do my Tuesday run as scheduled, although it was in the evening which I'm not fond of doing.  I find it easier to run when I'm not really awake.  However, I rocked this run -- did an average 12:07 minute/mile for a total run time of just over 36 minutes, which is one of the faster training runs I've done.  I tend to go easier in training runs, which results in little improvement in race times.  Heck, I would've been happy with this as a race time.  The last half mile was a bitch to pull out; it was hot and stuffy up on the running track at the gym and I've been doing cold weather runs for the past six months.  But I just kept telling myself that the faster I did it then the faster I would be done (amazing logic, yeah?).  I also came up with a new running mantra. That I have since forgotten.   Oh well, I'm sure it will come to me the next time I run. 

Well, back to the proverbial grindstone.  My plan to take the whole weekend off from work is almost certainly not going to materialize.  Bleargh.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. But just think! This weekend you'll have a pesky little fruit fly buzzing around your house at night attacking your dogs and begging for kisses from them. And then you'll get another medal for the collection! Maybe the medal will help boost the training. Yes, I think so. That's my new declaration!

    I declare this because I hope it boosts mine! I have got to snap out of my tired stage and just get back out there and run!