Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 5 recap

Week 5 Recap:
Starting weight - 191.0 lbs
Ending weight - 191.0 lbs
Difference -- 0 lbs lost! Also 0 lbs gained!

Kind of easy doing the recap when you haven't lost or gained any weight.  Oh well, gift horses and all that. 

Today makes 14 days I've been working without a day off; last week I worked a smidge over 58 hours.  I listed to five episodes of Chuck on Hulu while I worked yesterday.  Before that, it was a lot of Remington Steele with a few Simon & Simon and Magnum P.I.s thrown in there.  Makes the time go by faster.  Plus I catch up on my TV. 

In exciting dog news, Cute But Stupid is seeking to suck up all of my lovely overtime pay for the month by chewing an actual hole in her foot.  Not sure what she was after, but there is now a slit in her foot about a half an inch long that gapes open far enough I swear I see tendons moving.  She didn't lick it for an entire day after I cut the mat out of her pad (what she was licking at before), but the next day she started again and she did this (on the top of the same foot) by that evening.  Tonight I cut off the bandages to see how/if it's healing up.  I've threatened Schmart Dog with amputation if she chews a hole in her foot where she has licked a spot bald.  There are no foot lickers in the CilleyGirl house!!  Foot licking is not tolerated!!  I'll even put a ban on it for the humans if it gets the dogs to cease and desist.

So I see all my plans for my overtime pay flying over to live at the vet's house.  Dammit.  I'm tempted to try to stitch the thing up myself.  Or superglue it.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

I've got to get back to the grindstone.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Hope the pup is better soon. I swear my kitty Oliver knows when I have a month with an extra paycheck or when the tax refund comes because it is usually then that we have expensive vet bills that come up. I have accused him of being a one-feline ecominic stimulator at times.