Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 3 recap

Week 3 Recap:
Starting weight - 190.8 lbs
Ending weight - 191.0 lbs
Difference -- 0.2 lbs gained!

Not bad for a four day mini-vacation that involved much too much cake and several burgers.  Although all things considered, it probably involved an okay amount of cake but much too much frosting.  I have a weakness for frosting.   I also didn't do a whole lot of exercise over the past week, with the exception of some shoveling of lots of horse doody.  Last but not least for the excuses, it is heading into that TOM and like any good chiquita I have that whole retaining water thing going on right now. 

Overall I am still down 3.4 lbs since I started.  And my clothes still fit well.  So yay.

My days away were pretty nice on the whole.  Too much driving; it's a 5 1/2 hour trip each way, and I was fairly car-shaped at the end of it.  Also my stepdad has fully morphed into SuperAsshole! and refused to even stay in the same house as me Friday night.  He chose instead to sleep at their airplane hangar.  Jerk.  But it was nice to spend time with my mom without him around. 

My friend's 40th birthday went off without a hitch.  Beautiful weather.  Lots of family, which after knowing each other for 25 years is pretty much my family now too.  I think her dad is ready to adopt me.  And there was cake.

So, Friday was driving, Saturday was party and visiting, and Sunday it rained.  I curled up in the recliner all day on Sunday with a book and watched a zillion hours of Law and Order.  And ate cake.  Monday I drove home.  Because I was out of cake.

The best news of the weekend, at least for me, was that I think I figured out why I've been contemplating chewing on a gun barrel for the past few weeks:  I think my new blood pressure med reacted poorly with my antidepressant.  I consulted Dr. Google and there have been instances of this med triggering a depressive episode when taken along with my specific antidepressant.  Yay?  I went off of it on Thursday to test the theory and by Saturday morning was feeling a zillion times better.  Once I catch up on all the sleep I missed while I was at the ranch -- there are no curtains so that when dawn dawns it wakes your ass up.  And if you do sleep through it, there's a handy black lab who will lick your hand until you get up to feed her.  Because there were also no alarm clocks.  There used to be, but it disappeared. 

Now that life seems worth living again, I'm ready to do things like laundry and caring about eating healthy again.  The beautiful Ms. Purple Moonflower mentioned a magazine called Clean Eating the other day.  I finally found it when I was up in Wenatchee and found it very useful with a lot of tasty recipes that I'm anxious to try.  I'd like to get the book discussed in the magazine as well, to learn more.  Yesterday I even bought natural sour cream as part of starting to eat clean.

Speaking of eating, I didn't get to make up stuff for lunches this week so I must now go not eat clean with some Chef Boyardee.  Yum yum yum.  I'm going to look at it as a rare treat (as well as a chance to get tomato sauce on this shirt), rather than something I'll do on a regular basis. 

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Hey CG
    Good to have you back and congrats on the continued success of "The Plan"....I can gain 0.2 lbs just SMELLING at a croissant, so for you to have only gained that much over a long weekend of temptation, sleep and stress...well that is almost miraculous!

    So glad to hear you may have found the key to unlock the 'dark room' you have been in recently. Bloody depression is an evil bastard isn't it? Now that you are feeling better can you do my laundry too? ;o) I am at the stage of just buying new clothes to wear to work as the dirty clothes pile is just too damn large to tackle - and I have not the slightest inclination to try hehehehe

    If you are interested in CrossFit, you may also want to check into the Paleo is also pretty clean (no processed foods, no sugar etc) - just leans meats, fruits and vegetables...if you are a starch fan (like me...loves me my potatoes and rice) or a sugar fan (sounds like you are ;oP) then starting it is a little like coming off heroin...but once you get to the 1 week mark it makes you feel so much 'cleaner' and better...and I have lost 3 kilos on it already (9 days in..and a few slip ups along the way).
    But most of all I am so glad you think life seems to be worth living again. It is. I am about to win the lottery any day now I am sure of it. You have to stick around for THAT! ;o)

    PS...what a Super Douche of a Stepdad!!!