Friday, June 18, 2010

Some dogs have all the luck

Mine is not one of them.

My dog CBS turned 15 this week, on Tuesday.  I kind of forgot about it until yesterday.  Luckily she's not Molly Ringwald so it was okay.  But she's had a bad week anyway.

CBS started licking one of her back paws all the time.  I was gearing up for the Return of Socky Foot when I determined that it wasn't the wonky toenil causing the problem but a blob of dirt/clay/pitch deep in the pad of her foot.  So deep that the first time I checked for it I didn't realize it was there.  Yesterday I finally got it all cut out without amputating doggie toes (I have these really, really sharp scissors and she jerks her paw around as I try to trim it) and was hopeful that would keep Socky Foot from coming back.

I came home from work last night and checked feet:  no sign of licking.  Yay!  I told CBS what a good dog she was and she says, yeah I'm solid -- and then LIMPS away.  What??  I'm thinking maybe I did cut her paw when I was cutting out the mat and then I realize she's limping on her front leg.  The pad/paw thing was on a back leg.  What??  I do the doggie pat down, looking for cuts and bumps and bruises but except for the limping there's nothing else discernible.  I figure she either tried to jump on to the outside stairs or she slipped in the kitchen and now she's pulled a muscle in her shoulder.  It's happened before.  I give her an aspirin, we go to bed. 

Which is fun in itself.  She's doing the one paw, two paw thing up all the stairs; doesn't want me to carry her, but she's moving cautiously.  She gets onto the cedar chest and onto the bed and she sacks out.

But there's more.

Middle of the night, I hear her get up and then there's this big CRASH.  Apparently she fell off the bed onto the cedar chest.  It's not that far of a drop and she seems alright so I lay down to go back to sleep.  I'm just about to drift off when there's another big noise.  I hadn't noticed that she hasn't gone outside yet but that she's still on the cedar chest.  I scoot over to see what's up and realize that when she fell off the bed she got her back leg stuck between the chest and the bed frame.  Of course, it's not the leg she's been licking or the one she's strained but a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEG.  I apologize to the dog for laughing.

Long story short, she's still limping this morning and still licking at the other foot but otherwise okay.  Poor baby.  At least she has one good leg left.

the CilleyGirl

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